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Research Question:
o Why is it important to vaccinate your children?
o Why do less parents vaccine there children now then decades
Why are you interested in this research question?
o During my several years working as a nurse tech I have heard
many different discussion on vaccinating children. I have
heard parents, doctors, and nurses talk about either if its
important or not to vaccinate your children. I have an option
on this topic but never did my own research. When we were
given this assignment this interest popped into my head
because even though I wonder about the topic before I never
did research on it.
How does this research question affect you and your values,
or does it not?
o This research question will help support my values as I
believe all children should be vaccinated.
o Give me a more of understanding for if I want to vaccinate
my children when I have them.
What makes you qualified to write about this?
o The proper research and supportive information can make
anyone qualified to write about an topic.
o The credibility of a source will make me more qualified to
write about the topic.
Three Sources:
Summarize the central claim and major evidence of the
Immunizations can save your childs life.
Vaccination is very safe and effective.
Immunization protects others you care about.
Immunizations can save your family time and money.
Immunization protects future generations.
Diseases are becoming rare due to vaccinations.

Keep immunizing until disease is eliminated.

We vaccinate to protect our future.

This article gives a case study in Colorado and stats on
why to vaccinate your children
Identify the major values and interests at stake for the
This article gives 5 major reasons why parents should
vaccinate there children and examples to support those
Keeps you Interested on wanting to know more
States not only how it can effect your children at a
young age but also when they become an adult. For
example if your daughter gets a virus from not getting
vaccinated then grows up and is pregnant they could
pass that virus to the fetus.
o This article backs up the 1st article which is also backing up
the research question
o Gives examples
o Another way to understand if we stopped vaccination with an
example about a boat and a leak
o This article backs up the information stated in the 1st two
article with a case study and stats.
o Keeps you interest in the information you may think is boring

Analyze the credibility and bias of the author and source.

This source is represented very well here and gives a
great way to back up their information with other good
ethical sites under the article.
This author has good credentials based on the website
they posted there information on. Also they gave
sources at the end of the article, which can back up
there research. But one reason to have a problem on
the credibility of the article is there is no publish date.
This source has great credibility for it the CDC ( Center
of Disease control and protection) a well know
organization throughout the world.

This website is know to be truthful on topics and not

bias but just to give the facts.
This article is on a website that focuses not only on
vaccinations but also those diseases that can come due
to not vaccinating your child.


This source has great credibility due to the fact that

this article shows a case study with stats to back up the
One of the authors is actually pediatrician and
researcher at Kaiser Permanente's Institute for Health
Research in Denver.
Another author is an epidemiologist at the same

How is the research question arguable, and why?
o The question is not to way out there where you can focus on
just one topic to research and discuss about
o This topic is a growing issue through out the world that most
parents dont feel understand before having children.
What are some agreements and disagreements among the
sources you have found?
o Agreements:
Reasons to vaccinate your children
Great examples supporting each other
How do the different perspectives of the sources affect your
o They just gave me more of an understanding on the topic and
that I still truly do believe that all children should be
How might you need to revise your research question?
o I could revise my question to do a compare and contracts on
the topic to vaccinate or to not vaccinate your children.
o Find case studies done on this topic
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