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Nick Alexander

UWRT 1103
February 28th, 2016
Inquiry Proposal Pitch
My topic for the Multimodal project is the Nazi human experimentation
preformed by doctors in the concentration camps. While researching my topic I hope to
learn more about the doctors who preformed the experiments and learn about why they
participated in the experiments to see if it they were forced into the experimentation by
Nazi officials or if they willingly participated to do research they couldnt preform
ethically before the war. Another area Im interested in learning more about with my
topic is aftermath of the experiments, what happened to the surviving subjects? What
happened to the doctors? And what was the worlds reaction to the experiments? With a
subject like this Im interested in seeing if the experiments led to major changes in the
medical field or if any international laws resulted from the experiments. Im interested in
seeing if the data collected from the Nazi experiments was later used in future research in
the same subject or if the data the Nazis collected was immediately thrown out because it
was researched unethically.
To meet the resource requirements for this project Im going to collect a mix of
primary, secondary, and scholarly sources. To gather my sources Im going to use the
library search guide on the class Moodle page and Im going to search for any survivor
testimonies I can find on my topic as well as any testimonies from the doctors who
performed the experiments and get their side of the topic. I also plan on using the library

to gather my sources as well, so I plan on searching the library to see if there are any
books on my topic that I could use as a source for my topic. With the books I hope to find
information that I cant find online or through the search guide on the Moodle page.
As of right now my tentative vehicle for my project is that Im going to create a
power point project for my topic. The reason Im going to use power point is because the
goal of my project is to educate people about my topic and I feel that power point is the
best way to present my topic with the goal of educating in mind. With this format Ill be
able to show what Ive learned about my topic and how my sources will connect to each
other because I plan to use sources that will either connect or be able to build on top of
one another. Using a power point Ill easily be able to order my project to were Ill be
able to map out the course of my thinking with my topic and my knowledge building with
my topic. By using power point Ill be creating not only a project for myself to show my
knowledge of my topic, but Ill also be creating a project for an audience because power
point is used to deliver information to an audience and I plan on taking advantage of
power points purpose for my topic so that I can deliver my topic to an audience.