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Gomez 1

Jose Gomez
Jim Friedman
ESP 252
February 14, 2016

Recalling a personal best leadership experience

-Describe the Situation:
-Where did it take place? My best leadership experience took place
in Culver military academies, it is a military academy (boarding school)
located in a small town in Indiana called culver.
-When did this take place? This experience took place during some
of my high school years, I started this experience when I was a
sophomore and I completed this experience when I graduated my
senior year.
-Specific role in the situation: During the duration of this
leadership experience I had several different roles, there was a chain of
command and as you proved yourself and worked hard you were given
rank and more authority over others. My starting role was new cadet
where I served cadets with higher rankings and graduated as Battalion
commander (3rd highest position in the school) where I go to lead three
units comprised of 50 cadets each.

Gomez 2
-What were the results? The results are very noticing on me since I
learned many things there, specially learning how to listen to others
and sharing the same vision.
-Why was this situation important? This experience was very important
for my life because if I hadnt experienced this situation I wouldve
been a disaster in life, it was a good choice to attend this school. The
reason I was sent to this academy was because I was a rebel and I did
some stuff I shouldnt have done and my dad thought I needed a
lesson and he sent me here.
-What where your hopes and dreams? Honestly when I first arrived
my hopes and dreams where to go back to Guatemala, however after
time went by and I started liking the experience my hopes and dreams
where to be the best in my class and outrank my dads position when
he attended military boarding school.
-Feelings and emotions: it is hard to describe what I hate at first, there
were mixed feelings. Loneliness, hate, depression where the first things
I felt on my first year, but after I noticed that there was no case in
acting and feeling that way I decided to change and give the best out
of me and I love the what I felt.
-What actions did I contribute to the teams success? I didnt
really contribute much my first year because all I had to do was follow
orders and I wasnt really given the chance to express my ideas but
after I year I got up ranked to a mild position where I was only leader of

Gomez 3
5 cadets and I made my cadets the best out of the whole unit. Military
mentors started looking at my potential and called me in for an
interview for a medium range position where I was the highest ranking
I could be as a junior. I did a good job with this position and I was given
the rank of unit commander where we won various competitions
against other units and my last rank was Battalion commander and my
responsibilities were to lead three units and compete against two other
battalions. I won the award of best overall leader in the whole
military academy my last year.
-Challenges: I had various challenges at Culver, my first challenge
was myself, my attitude and my way of thinking wasnt letting me give
the best out of me. After I changed for the better, my challenges were
no longer with myself but with other cadets, people were acting just
like I was my first year and when I saw this type of behavior I had all of
them meet with me and I told them my story and how its never late to
change, I also assigned a member of the unit to follow through with
him and help him.
-Guiding principles: when you first enter Culver, the military
mentors give you a packet that you have to memorize by the end of
the first week, in this packet there is all the guidance that you have to
follow in order to be successful at the academies. I still remember the
code of conduct and the first two lines said: I am a Culver military

Gomez 4
Academy cadet, I follow well and lead by example and that is certainly
what I did.
-What did you learn? In my time at Culver military academy I got to
experience many things, I got to learn from good leaders and also from
bad leaders and with this experience I know what people can expect
from a good leader and how to get there.
-What lessons would you share: If I was going to teach a leadership
course I would definitely start with sharing the same vision, it is
important that the whole team is on the same page. In addition to this,
I would let them know that communication and listening to what other
people have to say is also a very important aspect of a leader.