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Antonio Bonessi

Deby Jizi
UWRT 1102
February 9, 2016

Double Entry Journal

Joshanloo, Mohsen and Weijers, Dan. "Aversion to Happiness across Cultures: A Review of
Where and Why People Are Averse to Happiness 2015. Pursuing Happiness: A
Bedford Spotlight Reader. Place of Publication Not Identified: Bedford Bks St Martin'S,
2015. 267-79. Print.

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Indeed, Western culture and psychology

seem to take for granted that happiness is
one of the most important values guiding
individuals lives. p.267

People nowadays are always looking for

things that they want like money or the latest
gaming system, yet they forget to try to find
what truly makes them happy.

Contrary to this Western view, our survey of

some less-studied aspects of various
cultures reveals that many individuals
possess negative views about happiness,
and are sometimes averse to it. p. 268

Some people think that doing anything that

isnt productive is a waste of time and they
usually think they just need money and thats

The belief that happiness causes, or is

likely to be followed by, unhappiness is also
present.. p. 269

This was something that I honestly still have a

problem with, simply because so many bad
things have happened as soon after
something amazing happens.

some individuals are afraid of certain

I get the feeling of not wanting to have good
affects, including positive effects, particularly things happen to you. Like I stated before Ive
when they are strong. p. 270
had bad things happen to me right after good
things happen so for a while I didnt want to
do anything that would have a positive reward
to it.
some individuals and some cultures tend I can see why some people think this. People
to believe that happiness is worthy of
often times let things go to their head and
aversion because being happy can make
become very rude to everyone they talk to.
someone a worse person (both morally and
otherwise) p. 271

Happiness, understood as satisfaction, can

also be expressed, albeit in less physically
obvious ways, such as demonstrating
unflappable smugness when questioned
about ones life. p. 273

Everyone expresses their feelings in their

own unique way. Some people react in the
complete opposite manner than what theyre
actually feeling.

highly materialistically oriented and selfcentered ideology is flowed because it

leaves little room for other personal
values p. 275

People are too worried about things instead

of focusing on experiences that let people find
who they really are.

arguing that the pursuit of happiness

embodied in the American Dream is a wild
goose chase that is bad for us because it
diverts us from the path to authentic
happinessp. 276

I personally believe that if youre content with

how your life is going, then that person has
the right to keep living their life how theyre