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Please ensure that the observer /critical friend has a copy of the lesson

Peer Observation Number:

Name of Student Teacher to be

Amal Abdullah

Setting: classroom

Grade: 5

Area of Focus:
Minerals properties

Name of Observer/Critical Friend:


Learning Outcomes:
Identify minerals properties

Compare minerals and rocks


Collaborative work
Observed Strengths:

Suggestions for further development:

Good way to engage the students by

using a competition game that include
useful questions.

Control the students motivation and noisy.

You present a video that introduce the

topic and ask the students to answer the
question through the video.

Focus on the students attention when

other present their work for the whole
class .

Good presentation of the sheet contain

reflect the video from the students.
Good reflection feedback from the
students to the presentation with reasons.
Reflection (to be completed after discussion of Peer Review with colleague):
The lessen was very good because it include different activity to achieve the objective
and it cover the 5Es with useful knowledge. Yassmin feel happy to have me observed
her lesson and give her a feed3back about it. I discuss with Yasmin the feedback and
tell her how it her lesson going. Yassmin agree with my feedback and she give me a
critical reason about her area focus and what was well.
I suggest Yassmin to control the students noisy voice and deal with the situation.

Please tick the boxes using the scale with 5 indicating the best possible performance

Displays a high standard of professional behaviour, which

includes punctuality and readiness for the session.

Shows initiative and enthusiasm during the session.

Promotes a positive learning environment & builds good

rapport with the learners.

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

Yasmin prepare for the lesson by bring the rocks from the lab and make sure that she bring
extra questions sheet for the students. Also, she bring a flash that include a video related to
the lesson and make sure that work in the computer. She was active during the lesson while
she engage the students at the begging of the lesson. She respect the students by listening
to them and help them. She ask the students to work individual and present their work in
the classroom.
Planning for Learning

Provides a lesson plan, which includes all the required

information and has clear and explicit learning outcomes.

Shows a student-centered focus in the lesson plan.

Incorporates differentiation through activities, questioning

and/or learning styles.

Materials and resources for teaching are of high quality and

appropriate to the level of the learner.
Formative and/or summative assessment activities are
included in the plan.


Comments or reasons for scoring above:

Yasmin prepare a clear lesson plan information and the activities are match with the
learning objective. The activities are independent activity for all the students in the
classroom. The activities are appropriate with the students level that include clear
instruction and questions. She ask the students to present their work to assess them and
give them feedback.

Implementing and Managing Learning

Uses accurate and appropriate language.

Maintaining engagement independence

Ensures instructions, questions & explanations are clear,

accurate & constructive.

Uses effective questioning & elicitation techniques.

Establishes and maintains clear and consistent rules &


Maintains an appropriate pace to challenge and motivate the


Uses a range of teaching strategies.

Manages lesson time effectively.

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

Yasmin use an appropriate language that match with the grade five students level. She
engage the students by starting the lesson with interesting game related to the prior
lesson. The instructions and questions was clear because she use an appropriate
vocabulary words that match the students level of understanding. She use different
question techniques like asking challenge questions to assess the students understanding
and ability. She motivate the students when she present the video by ask them to answer
the questions sheet during the video. The strategy that she use is asking the students when
they are not being attention to the lesson. The time wasn't correct because she apply some
of the 5Es stages such as engagement, exploring and explanation stage.
Monitoring and Assessment

Monitors student progress effectively during the session.

Provides ongoing feedback to students to enhance learning

during the session.

Uses formative and summative assessment instruments

such as checklists, grading scales, rubrics, tests and projects
etc. to evaluate students performance.

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

Yasmin monitor the students during the activity by moving around the class and look at the
students work. She assess students work when they present it for the whole class and give
them feedback at the end of each presentation.

Feedback meeting date:12/4/2016

Observer signature: Amal Abdullah
Observee signature:Yassmin
k Date:12/4/2016

Time: 11:10 to 11:50