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To: Senators of Colorado, Michael Benett and Cory Gardner

From: Paola Galvez E2:7
Date: October 07, 2015
Subject: A proposal to decrease the abortion rate in Colorado.
In the past six years, abortion ratings have been decreasing but not decreasing enough according
to CDC. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) . This memorandum is being written to
propose that every high school in the state of Colorado have either guest speakers who have
gotten an abortion, or a presentation all about abortion and how it affects the body and the mind.
The goal is to inform the student teenagers the kinds of consequences, memories and the
inhumane ways that a baby is killed and ripped apart from the womb it all happens when
deciding to have an abortion. This type of change will finally diminish the percentage of

Abortion is a problem that exists globally. It happens all around the world, 12,500 times a
day everyday as the Abortion Statistics website informs. Ideally, if abortions did not exist, then
all women young or adults would have their children and support them, or have the option

to place them for adoption. This is problematic because teens are also kids themselves and by
having an abortion, they are ruining their bodies and putting themselves in danger. Abortions are
quite risky and dangerous as the Prolife America website explains. So many things can go wrong
and cause many types of cancer, suicidal thoughts, and sometimes even death. The
consequences of ignoring this problem will issue in teen suicide, and increase of the percentages.
Implementing a guest speaker program and a presentation slide will benefit teens one way or

My proposal is for every high school in Colorado to have guest speakers or a presentation all
about abortions. The students will learn the ugly truth that most doctors will not tell you about
the abortion procedures and what they do to remove the baby and what they do to the remains of
babies the size of your palm or as big as an eggplant. Teens will also learn how it affects you not
only physically but also emotionally.
The presentation and the guest speakers will come in and happen once a semester. The
administration of every school and the Senators of Colorado have the power to rubber-stamp a
big yes to approve this proposal. The guest speaker will have to have had an experience from
both sides. The physically affected side and the emotionally affected side. The presentation will
have facts, statistics, testimonies and side effects as well as long term effects of abortion.
If this gets approved then maybe other states will want to join in on this. It will create a domino
effect and later the abortion rate in the United States will become the lowest of all countries. This

is the optimal plan because there needs to be attention drawn to abortion and its dangers. The end
goal is to have the abortion rates in Colorado decrease.

The goal for this proposal is to decrease the percentage of abortions in Colorado by informing
teens in high schools of other options that could be looked upon that is not choosing abortion
right away. This recommendation will allow teens to know the risks of abortion before they
choose to go ahead and do it. If this becomes approved, then there will be a positive change
in Colorado and that could eventually evolve in having other states follow this proposal.
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