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SOMS Libr ar y


Students playing coding games during Hour of Code 2015.

SOMS Library is here to help YOU!
Here are all of the services that SOMS library provides for you:

Instruction and help on Google Apps for Education and Web 2.0 tools
Computer/ Chromebook/ Printer help
Password help
Research assistance
Book recommendations
Free printing to black & white AND color printers
Free photocopying
3D printing
Maker Station
SOMSLIBRARY.ORG-one stop, easy to use library website for searching for books,
access online databases, access customized research project web pages, and
print 3D projects

Whether you need to finish working on a project, need a book, or need to make up a
test, you can come to the library anytime of the day. All you need is a pass from your
You do not need a note to come after school. The library is open until 3:25pm
Monday-Thursday and until 3:15pm on Fridays.
For those with long term injuries and who are excused from PE for an extended amount
of time, can come to the library to get school work done or read instead of sitting in the
Nurse's office.
The library is also an alternative option to the Little Theater for those coming from high
school math 1st period . During this time Geometry textbooks are available for use.


Throughout the school year, the SOMS Library is always hosting special events and activities.
Here's just a sampling of events from the past couple of years.

Hour of Code
Larry Boyle, a software
engineer, gave a fascinating
presentation about what you
can accomplish with coding and
the careers they can lead to.
The librarian also visited several
classrooms and helped students
as they coded on

Chal l enges
Students had 20 minutes to
create a specific object, using
specific parameters. There
were different challenges
each month.

Makey Makey Mont h

During the Month of May, each week students were
able to experiment with the Makey Makey in a
different way.
From making game controllers to playing
illustrations like they were piano keys, students
got to learn about conductive properties and
the basics of circuitry.


Poet ry as Art
Throughout the month of April,
National Poetry Month, students created
poetry that
was both visually stimulating
as it was lyrical.
Poetry included concrete
poetry as well as
black out poetry.


Below is a list of services SOMS Library provides to the teachers
and Administrators at SOMS.

Available to collaborate to
design and teach engaging
inquiry and learning experiences
and assessments that
incorporate multiple literacies
and foster critical thinking
Custom webpage creation made
for your students with resources
and links relevant to your
research assignment
Official and unofficial
professional development
training on Google Apps for
Education and emerging
technologies/ programs and
how they can be used in the
Well-maintained and constantly
updated Fiction and Non-Fiction
book collection that supports the
curriculum while also
considering the range of reading

New teacher reference point

Technology troubleshooting


Co-writing of grants

During PARCC t he l ibrary is cl osed
f or t est ing. However if books or
onl ine resources are needed during
t hat t ime f or your st udent s, I can
col l ect t hem f or you.
Teacher PARCC support :

Public calendar to see when the

library and library computer lab
are available

Access to black & white AND

color printers

Administ rat or PARCC support :


Regularly stocked and constantly

looked after Xerox machine

SRI Testing support


Co-train teachers who

administer the test
Troubleshoot issues during

Help train those who will be

Help troubleshoot issues
during testing
Help assign Chromebooks,
headphones and mice to
teachers that are testing
each week
Help prepare daily testing
Help with recording absences
and makeups
Help teachers fill out
Irregularity Reports


Student made hearts from Valentine's Day 2014.