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Lesson #1

English 9

Fig. Lang.
SOL 9.3: The student will apply
knowledge of word origins,
derivations, and figurative
language to extend vocabulary
development in authentic texts.

Identifying Figurative Language

Content in Connection
April 19th, 2016
Rationale: Briefly explain the purpose of the lesson in relation to the development of a specified skill.

The purpose of this lesson is to prepare students to identify figurative language in Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights


Stage of Development


Introduction to skill Practice of skill Application of skill Assessment of skill Re-teaching

Instructional Procedures by stage:
1. Introduction to skill


As a warm-up, students will copy down the definitions of new figurative language terms (tone, mood, and

oxymoron) they have not learned yet into their notebooks. The class will write down the definitions of figurative
language they have already learned (literal, figurative, connotation, denotation, diction, simile, metaphor,
alliteration, personification, and hyperbole) in their notebooks. The teacher will go over these definitions with the

2. Demonstration of skill



The teacher will give an example of how to identify figurative language in Emily Dickinsons poem,

3. Instruction (specified steps)

The class will continue to find examples of figurative language in the poem X.
The class will then analyze the meaning of the poem, and discuss how the figurative
language contributes to the meaning of the poem as a whole.

4. Guided practice

The class will work with the student sitting next to them to identify figurative language in the poem

XXI by Emily Dickinson. The class will review their work together.

5. Individual application

Students will write a poem as a class. Students will write a line of poetry using one example
of figurative language, and then pass it to a neighbor. The last student to receive this poem

has to identify all examples of figurative language. These poems will be about the theme of

6. Assessment

The teacher will assess students informally based on how many examples of figurative language
they were able to write, as well as how many examples they were able to identify.

7. Connection

The teacher will emphasize that love is a major theme in A Midsummer Nights Dream.