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Professional Experience Program (PEP) for Primary Courses (Melbourne Campus)

EDFX goal setting plan

Pre-service teacher name: Ashley Marshall

Unit: EDFX 310






What do you want to

accomplish in terms of
developing your
professional knowledge,
practices, or engagement?

How will you know you have

accomplished your goal?
What evidence will you collect
and analyse?

What steps/actions will you

take to attain your goal?

Why is this goal important for your career as

a teacher?

When will you

achieve this goal
during this

Time management

When I can write a reflective

comment in my lesson plans
that indicate whether or not
each section of my lesson
plan was covered during the
lesson to allow each student
sufficient time to work on
the task in pairs/
individually/ small groups.

Indicate within each lesson

plan the rough time frame of
each section of the lesson

Throughout this placement I am looking

to develop my ability to plan and deliver
lessons according to the set times
allocated to each section of the lesson plan
as students need sufficient time to work
through the task.

By the start of week

I will know my goal has

been accomplished because
students will be responsive
to my classroom
management tool, and I will
be more confident in
identifying problematic
behaviour and enforcing
procedures to stop the
behaviour. (Also through my
anecdotal notes)

Try out alternative classroom

management techniques
e.g. SpongeBob square pants
who can show me what a
good listener looks like that
are different to my classroom
teachers to see how they

Classroom management is important to

me as it highlights the rapport I have
made with students and the respect I have
gained from my students. With no
classroom management

By the middle-end
of the third week

Classroom Management

In the reflection writing

down aspects of the lesson
that took longer than
expected and working out
why I took longer making
goals for future lessons e.g.
short sharp intro.

Following through with

punishment e.g. if you give
out a warning then follow
through with a following

Professional Experience Program (PEP) for Primary Courses (Melbourne Campus)

warning for misbehaviour

Writing down anecdotal
notes what worked well
what didnt. how did I settle
the chn when they were
noisy e.g. whispering until
they are quiet.
Assessment Strategies

I will know that I have

achieved this goal as I will
be gathering a range of
students work and looking
over notes made during
lessons to highlight

Collect students work, make

informal and formal
observations of students
working and analyse my own
teaching practices in order to
analyse whether or not my
teaching delivery is
impacting on their learning.

As it allows me to see what stage of

learning each student is at so I can ensure
I cater to his or her needs and provide
extra support to those students who need
it. I want to develop my assessing and
providing feedback to students as i have
not had much opportunity to do so and
feel like it is important to include students
in their own learning.

By the middle of the

third week of