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My Team is: _______________

I am in support of the ____________ position

Historical Questions:
1. Who acquired the Marbles for England?
2. When were they acquired?
3. Who occupied Greece at the time?
4. What is the historical relationship between the Greeks and Ottoman
Provide a paragraph summarizing your sides overall argument, if you could only say four
sentences to support your position, what would they be?

In support of your overall argument, provide four pieces of evidence (quotes, facts,
opinions). You must take these pieces of evidence from reliable sources, from established
sources of news or scholarship. You will be asked during the debate to back up your
assertions with evidence - be prepared. Your evidence should be gathered individually.





Evidence 1
Evidence 2
Evidence 3
Evidence 4

We will be holding the debate tomorrow - at the end of class you will have time to prepare a
strategy with your team. What role are you comfortable having in the debate? Would you
like to lead off, do you have an especially strong closing, does your group have a solid
argument? Write a brief response detailing the role you have going into tomorrow: