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Volume 1 | Issue 1

ZZIT Times

Apr 18, 2016

Bringing the latest company updates and employee spotlights to your

The Story of Sacrifice and Success Behind Zip

Zap IT Solutions, LLC.
Making it in America requires a creative vision, a unique set of skills, and the
undying desire to succeed. That is exactly what Zip Zap IT Solutions, LLCs founder and
CEO, Marwan Abu-Fadel, has. Born and raised in Lebanon, Abu-Fadel embodies the
American dream as he tirelessly works to successfully make his visions come to life.
He admits that he always had a mechanical inclination growing up. His fascination with
how things worked drove him to keep discovering new technologies and the genius
behind them. He laughs as he recounts a childhood memory, saying, you can imagine
my dads face when he brought home our first stereo system and shortly [after] I had the
internals of it laid out [on] the floor.
After immigrating to the States, Abu-Fadel immediately started working on the
beginning of a chain of various jobs. In 1999, he created a Telecommunications company
called EL PASO PAGING, INC. in El Paso, Texas. This corporation was wildly
successful as it served the El Paso Police Department, U.S. Border Control, Immigration
and Naturalization Services, as well as private customers. The business thrived under
Abu-Fadels leadership, but in 2000, he sold the company and moved to back Lebanon to
be with his wife and children. With this move, he wanted to take what he learned from
his experience in the States and apply them overseas to help rebuild his country after the
Civil War.

As he embarked on his new chapter overseas, he was hired as chief information

officer for Mednet Liban, now called Globemed LTD. He explains that this company

Zip Zap Scoop

was the largest third party health administrator in Lebanon and the Middle East. After
four years in Lebanon, he realized that his business thinking and ethics had become

Zip Zap management members

9001:2015 certification. This
program teaches employees
about the proper techniques in
training is necessary for Zip Zap
to reach its full potential and
grow as an IT corporation. The
training modules take several
weeks and once completed, will
provide more opportunities for
future contracts. This process is
nearly finished and after
employees are certified, there
will be changes within the
processes in Zip Zap IT to
increase customer satisfaction
and efficiency.

Americanized after working in the U.S. Thus, he decided to move back to the United
States. He moved to Manassas, Virginia in 2004 to work with Tony Azar on a project at
General Dynamics. After two years he made the final decision to do what he felt most
comfortable pursuing, so he became an independent contractor and created what is
known as Zip Zap IT Solutions.
When asked about what encouraged him to finally break away from these jobs,
Abu-Fadel explains that while he has had many jobs in the past, his favorites have always
been the ones where he works for himself. He admits, I always found myself thinking
that I could do things better, efficiently, or for less cost. Usually, these ideas and
suggestions were frowned upon by my supervisors. It is tough to have your hard work
and time rejected, especially when you only want to do what is best for the customer.
This dedication to his customers is what often keeps him up until the late hours of the
morning, tirelessly working on genuine solutions to issues brought to him by employees
and clientele.

The employees are certainly

our competitive advantage

Abu-Fadel does not take all the credit for the success of his corporation,
however; he proclaims that the employees are truly Zip Zap ITs greatest asset. He
describes them as the companys competitive advantage. It is evident that he does not
want anyone on the Zip Zap IT team to feel discouraged, as he once did, so he works hard
to make sure each employee feels valued and unique, as well as thoroughly discussing

and implementing ideas employees bring to the table. To achieve this goal, he stresses
delivering the best possible employee benefits, including starting all employees with 21
Personal Time Off (PTO) and 11 holidays.
When asked about the companys greatest achievement thus far, Abu-Fadel
proudly exclaims, without hesitation, this would be the HUB-Zone Certifications Zip Zap
IT received from the United States Small Business Administration. He also informs that
the company is undergoing the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, which allows for the
creation of a Quality Management System (QMS), while meeting international standards
for design and development. He explains that with this program in place, there will be an
improved level of quality for the entire organization every process, every design and
product, and every customer-deliverable solution. He is confident that both the HUBZone Certifications and the ongoing ISO 9001:2015 Certification will help the company
grow to the next level as it expands within the information technology field.
Through the hard work, dedication, and help from his employees, Marwan AbuFadel has successfully transformed his daydream into a reality. The company is still
young, and both Abu-Fadel and his employees are confident in its future success. With
new certifications and programs being introduced to the company, Zip Zap IT Solutions,
LLC has a long way to go. Abu-Fadel is excited to continue to work hard and watch his
company climb to the top.

The company has recently partnered

with Punch Digital Strategies, Inc. to

Zip Zaps New Makeover

This change is intended to look

The second advertisement is powerful.

aesthetically pleasing and professional,

With a map of Washington D.C.

as well as more user friendly and easier

covering the background, it allows the

to navigate. The new design launch date

viewer to step back and see the bigger

will be announced in the future. Zip Zap

picture, as the text reads in bold letters.

also has a brand new website link:

This is significant because Zip Zap This new URL is

mainly serves this area. The second line

meant to demonstrate the unmatched

of text states, Zip Zap delivers

There were several steps involved in

level of expertise among employees

enterprise IT solutions that make your

this proposed branding process. First,

within this company. Finally, Punch

mission possible.


created advertisements to be placed in

create a marketing plan aimed at

redefining the companys public image,
raising brand awareness throughout the
Washington D.C. area, and increasing
advertising for the company both online









redefine Zip Zaps image. In order to


capture and understand the true image

Washington D.C. There are two unique

of the company, they interviewed

designs that have been published, both

employees. After this understanding

of which can be found on the official

was established, they created a new

Zip Zap IT Facebook page. The

visual identity to compliment the newly


polished company image which was to

advertisements have reached over 6,300

accurately represent the companies core

unique individuals within the past two

values and personality. Punch began

weeks alone. The two banners designed

redesign efforts by creating a new logo.

are meant to portray the simplicity,

The logo is the very similar to the

power, and capacity of the solutions

original one but the letters used are a bit

that the company will provide to

slimmer and cleaner. In addition to this

potential customers. The first of the two

change, there is a new slogan featured

advertisement is simple and clean. It

below the company name. The previous

has a picture of a mug of coffee and

slogan was we make IT happen but

reads give your enterprise IT a boost.

This partnership is a great milestone for

now it is the sound of smarter

Discover the power of simplicity.

the company since its foundation in






The goal of these banners is to raise
brand awareness as well as accurately
portray what Zip Zap IT Solutions is all
about. Founder and CEO Marwan AbuFadel says he hopes that Punchs
strategy will start an introduction
campaign about the existence of Zip
Zap IT Solutions.

solutions. While this play on words is

2006, and the potential of growth from

catchy and clever, it shows the wit and

this point is endless.

problem solving ability possessed by






customized a new website layout which

includes new fonts, innovative formats,
and modern graphics

Zip Zap IT Solutions, LLC
VA Office: 10432 Balls Ford Road. Suite 300, Manassas VA 20109
TX Office: 221 North Kansas Street. Suite 700, El Paso, TX 79901