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Marquita Noel-Price

LBS400: Abbott
History-Social Science Frameworks
After reading the history-social science frameworks it enlightened me about what I
needed to know to teach my students. The frameworks included a variety of categories such as,
California: A changing state, United States History and Geography, Ancient Civilization,
Medieval and early modern times, growth and conflict. In the lower grades Kindergarten through
third grade focuses on recognition of women, American creed, national identity, recognize status
of minorities, traditions, cultures and overall California history. The history knowledge will also
involve the past and the future of society, economics, political, heritage and literacy. Historical
literacy involves students developing research skills and historical empathy. There are three
major factors for history, which are knowledge and cultural understanding, democratic
understanding and civic value social participation.
The classes that have prepared me to teach students in history- social science was History
120, LBS 375, and History 301. Those classes incorporated the missions, agriculture, trading,
tools, and different cultures. I also was taught primary and secondary sources, which gave me the
opportunity to realize where the sources came from. As far as, being well prepared in certain
areas and less prepared in other areas varies when it comes to history-social science. I feel well
prepared in the missions and agriculture because it brings out the different cultures, traditions,
and styles of living. I am also confident about the 1920s jazz age, which exuberates a change in
history, music, and rights. California history is where I feel confident because of the landmarks
and significance it has on our society. The area I feel less prepared in are Early History, ancient
civilization and Greek mythology, United States History, such as the judicial system, political

aspects, and democrats. The reason I feel less prepared in those areas are because it is too
detailed and that topic does not interest me. History is somewhat a tough subject for me because
it consists of many dates.
The artifacts I will include in my portfolio are my research paper of Compton from LBS
375, along with pictures of an important monument. Another artifact I will include is my history
social science reflection. My work samples will demonstrate my knowledge of the history of
Compton and the important landmarks that use to be there and some that are still there. My
personal experience to share with students about Compton will be extremely in depth because
my parents have deep history in Watts/Compton, so they have informed me of the history. I will
also have hands-on artifacts to let the students explore and touch.