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CivilCAD 2014 Installation Guide

Pre-existing requirements for CivilCAD 2014 installation:

1) If your operating system is Windows XP Make sure it is with Service Pack 3!
If this is a fresh installation of CivilCAD, start from stage 7
If you upgrade from older version of CivilCAD to CivilCAD 2014, start from
stage 2
2) Go to: StartControl PanelAdd or remove programs.
3) Un-install CivilCAD 20XX.
4) Go to: C:\Program Files\ and delete CivilCAD 20XX folder.
5) In Windows Vista/7/8 OS go to: C:\ProgramData\SivanDesign\ and delete CivilCAD
In Windows XP OS go to: C:\Documents and Settings\ApplicationData\SivanDesign\
and delete CivilCAD folder.
6) Go to: C:\WINDOWS\System32\ and make sure that the following files do not exist (if
they exist delete them):


7) Install CivilCAD 2014 V1.0 from the installation CD.

You can use the CivilCAD 2014 Installation Process Guide which will guide
you step by step through the installation process.
8) Load CivilCAD 2014.

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