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Planetarium Field Trip

Alexandra Tocman

Peak View Elementary School

This field trip was designed based off of the Virginia
science SOLs for the fourth grade.
The Rockingham County school district as well as Peak
View Elementary School was taken into consideration
when planning this field trip.

Rockingham County Field Trip

All students are required to have signed written permission
slips filed in the school office before the departure.
Recommended that students have school or personal
insurance coverage.
Field trip bus, ticket, and lunch money must be paid in
advance (no refunds available).
Parents may be asked to chaperone if school staff needs
additional support, they assume responsibility for a group,
may ride the bus if space is available, assist in instruction and
Siblings may not participate in field trips. Children not
enrolled in the class may not participate either.
Children are not allowed to travel on school field trips in
private cars. But they may leave with a parent/guardian as
long as proper check-out procedures being followed.
A student may be prohibited from participating in a school
sponsored field trip if unsatisfactory conduct is exhibited in
the classroom or on school grounds.
Tobacco Free.

John C. Wells Planetarium

Harrisonburg, VA: JMU Campus- Miller Hall 1103
(540)-568-4071: Shanil Virani (Planetarium Director)
Available for school groups during the week at no charge.
Reservations required, fill out reservation request form at:
John C. Wells Planetarium Home Page:
This venue gives students the opportunity to experience
space like nothing else. A planetarium is the closest thing you
can get to a realistic representation of space without actually
physically going there. More than anything I want the
students to watch closely and take it all in to help them
better understand the stars, moon, and solar system.

Show Options and 4th Grade SOLs:

Planetary Visions Show

4.7 (Earth patterns, cycles, and


Magic Tree House: Space Mission

4.8 (Earths patterns, cycles, and


4.4 (Life processes) 4.7 (Earth
patterns, cycles, and changes)

Origins of Life
4.4 (Life processes) 4.7 (Earth
patterns, cycles, and changes)

Stars of the Pharaohs

4.7 (Earths patterns, cycles, and

Wonders of the Universe

4.2 (Force, motion, and energy)

Two Small Pieces of Glass

4.1 (Scientific investigation,
reasoning, logic) 4.7 (Earths patterns,
cycles, and changes)

Seven Wonders
4.7 (Earths patterns, cycles, and

Ice Worlds

Back to the Moon

4.4 (Life processes) 4.5 (Living
systems) 4.6 (Interrelationships in
4.8 (Earths patterns, cycles, and
Earth/space systems) 4.7 (Earth
patterns, cycles, and changes) 4.8
(Earths patterns, cycles, and changes)

Secrets of the Sun

4.7 (Earths patterns, cycles, and

Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity

4.7 (Earths patterns, cycles, and

Tre ion Show

Planetary Visions Show

When: This trip would make the most sense to take
place during the solar system unit which happens
throughout mid March and early April.
Chaperones: There are 23 students in my class. Besides
myself, I would like to have 3-4 other adults. This would
give about 5 students per adult. I will ask for my
students parents/guardians to volunteer.
Buses: We will only need 1 school bus which would be
provided by Peak View Elementary School.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible. Weather
conditions could affect the accessibility of the venue if
there is a snow day at JMU or PVES or if the road
conditions are unsafe for the bus to be traveling in.
Bathrooms: Male and Female bathroom located in the
same building only a few feet away from the
What to pack: Students only need a pencil and whatever
assignment goes along with the field trip. Teacher
should pack a first aid kit, emergency contact
information, and extra writing supplies for students who
may forget them.

Students will participate in their normal morning routine and
continue onto lunch as usual at their scheduled time
After lunch they will gather their things and load the bus.
Travel time is about 25 minutes to get to JMU. I would
expect to arrive to the planetarium by 12:45pm.
We will plan to settle in, watch one of the shows (about 30
minutes), and have a star talk (about 30 minutes). After this
we will debrief, altogether taking about an hour and 15
minutes (give or take).
I will plan to leave the Planetarium no later than 2:15pm to
be back at the school by 2:45pm so the students have time to
pack up and get to their bus by 3:00pm.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am pleased to announce that our

class will be going on a field trip!
In the fourth grade one of our science units is discovering and learning about the
planets in our solar system. We have the opportunity to go to John C. Wells
Planetarium located on James Madison Universitys campus.

Letter Home
Permission Slip

This field trip will be taking place on Friday, March 25, 2016. We will be leaving
Peak View after our normal lunch time, 12:15pm, and returning to school in time for
regular bus departure. Transportation is provided by PVES and there are no
additional charges required.
If you are interested in chaperoning please check the option below. I am looking
for 3-4 chaperones, and it will be first come first serve.
Please sign and return the attached permission slip as soon as possible. Students
who do not return this form will not be allowed to participate in the field trip.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. You can reach
me at (xxx)-xxx-xxxx or via school email:

Signature____________________________________________________% %