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IF WE HOLD ON TOGETHER Words and Music by JAMES HORNER and WILL JENNINGS Flowingly ic Em co Gus G ttn F G7sus G7 c sai if: ate SSS SS i = Don't lose your way [with each pass-ing day. Souls in the wind must learn how to bend, ry Fert You've come so far, don’t throw it away. be - lev - ing seek out a star, hold on to the end. - ley, moun - tain, pd dreams are for weav = ders are wait - there is a foun - i es our tears es sto: ry faith hope and glo sway - ing, some-one is pray tt ir a to the truth in your __ heart. It wehold on Tet us come home to stay. 2 = know our dreams see us through ic Gr ‘FE Pass re i 8 if ae where clouds for you