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| 3. The diagram shows 8 section through a human eye () On the diagram, name the parts labelled A, B,C and D ™) (b) Which letter represents the part that responds to a change in light intensity? Put a (cross In the correct box, m ga oe oe oo (c) Which two letters represent the parts that focus the light rays? (dl Using a line and the letter 0, label the optic nerve-on the diagram. m (Total for Question 3 = 7 marks) 3 (a) () o@ @ 2 Fy.2.1 shows a excton tiraugh fieeye of asmal mamma as viewed wif a mixoscape, Fg21 (2) Mame thesinictims labeled X, Yan Z. (8) A student lacks at aicock af fie far and of an examinatina room and fran looks at a ‘diagram an hee examination pager Desc Bie changes that take plane in hareyers so that shacan facasonie dace