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Standard 6

Professional Engagement
Engage in Professional
For the last four years I have had numerous
opportunities to engage in professional learning.
Assessment tasks at University often included
group presentations, which provided opportunities
to collaborate with other pre-service teachers,
practice giving formative feedback and hence grow
as a pre-service teacher (6.3). During practicum
placements, mentor teachers offer formative
assessment to assist pre-service teachers in
developing their practice to improve student
learning. (6.4) As I transitioned into my fourth year
of study, I set professional goals for myself. One of
these included, engaging in professional
development to assist me in implementing
educational programs for Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander students. At a recent Personal
Development, Health and Physical Education
workshop, I completed part of my goal by attaining
a certificate in Traditional Indigenous Games
Presenter training. (6.1, 6.2)

Standard 6 Artefact

Standard 6 Annotation
Note the focus area and standard
descriptor/s the artefact /
document reflects

Note the type of

artefact / document

Describe the artefact / document and

indicate the possible impact or result on
teaching and/ or student learning

Describe how the artefact /

meet the standard descriptors you
have identified.

6.1 Identify and plan

professional learning needs
Demonstrate an
understanding of the role of
the Australian Professional
Standards for Teachers in
identifying professional
learning needs.

Certificate of
completion from a
workshop on
Indigenous Games
Presenter training.

This certificate verifies that I

participated in a workshop for
Traditional Indigenous Games.

I identified a professional
learning need to further
support the Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander students
in my classrooms (6.1).

6.2 Engage in professional

learning and improve practice
Understand the relevant and
appropriate sources of
professional learning for

The content of the workshop included

teaching strategies for using
traditional Indigenous games in
Physical Development (PE) lessons.
A professional development goal/need
of my own was to seek professional
development opportunities to assist in
building strategies to further support
and include Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander students in my class.
Post workshop I now have an array of
PE activities and resources that reflect

I participated in a workshop
that provided me with skills,
strategies and resources for
implementing traditional
Indigenous games into my
Physical Development
teaching, hence improving
my practice. (6.2)

traditional Indigenous games.

Australian Institute for Teaching and School leadership. (2012). Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.
Australian Government.