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Supernatural elements in literature, which in our perception is beyond the known-nature,

were universally seen in every civilization or period of human history. But compared to the
modern period, the belief in supernatural existence was stronger among the people of
Elizabethan Era when the incomparable Shakespeare wrote two of his masterpieces, Hamlet and
Macbeth. Attributable to his popularity, Shakespeares use of supernatural in drama have been
studied and discussed thoroughly by many authors in many different perspectives in the last
couple of centuries. Too little have been left to research to any further extent except those
research covered all his plays comprehensively while this research has only covered best of his
supernatural plays in details with a comparison to the contemporaries. My thesis has addressed
the differences that are found in Shakespeares drama writing style compared to the other
dramatists. But, most importantly, it has also documented the functions of the supernatural in
Shakespeares plays that have been analyzed here. To build a conclusion in Chapter VIII, my
paper has first attended to introduce the thesis objectives in the first chapter, and then discussed
the author in Chapter II to move forward by addressing his contemporary and following
centuries society in the third chapter. The fourth, fifth and sixth chapters have respectively dealt
with the plays generally and individually. Chapter VII presented all the findings comprehensively
to draw the conclusion in chapter VIII.