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Dayton Heredia

UWRT 1102-40
5 Apr. 2016
Has Politics Sabotaged Higher Education?
The question revolving around higher education in our specific generation is the
following: do political perspectives and ideas play an important role in higher levels of
education? I am interested in this topic because throughout presidential campaigns the idea of
higher education has been brought up in several different ways. The idea of free college has
brought rise to the libertarians while the majority of conservatives are against the idea because of
the effects it will bring to the American education system and budget. If we look at two
universities: one that is private and one that is public, we can simply pull the idea of politics out
in a very easy way, my goal is too not be simple, but go more in depth to signify how politics
have an impact. Looking at Liberty University, a well-known private university within the
United States, it can be said to be high in politics due to the idea of religion and how it plays
alongside the majority of right-winged conservatives.
The long traditions of higher education law changes have begun to continue to make an
instant impact within the American education system. The significant change of politics in higher
education changed in the early 1990s when the Republican party took congressional majority for
the first time in a very long time. This is when the previous federal agenda of higher education
became threatened due to the change of party majority. The idea of federal aid, grants, loans, and
the opportunity for students to obtain a higher education was beginning to change for what some
would say both good and bad.

There are many things that need to be brought into play to make this topic effective and
relevant to the past, present, and future of higher education. Topics that will be discussed
throughout this paper are the following: Who affects the outcomes of politics in higher
education, what determines how politics play a role in education, when does politics play a role
in higher education (whether that be private or public universities), in what geographical region
does higher education play the largest role, does the idea of common core play alongside politics
in education, and lastly with the idea of immigration heavily weighted in American Politics right
now; does that play a role in significant role in statistics of how immigrants are granted
acceptance in higher education? The overall question of significance I will be focusing on
throughout this paper is How does immigration play a role in higher education? This question
will focus on the impact of foreign born immigrants and American citizens, similarities and
The main focus throughout this piece will revolve around one main concern. This
concern being the role of immigration on higher education. I believe that students with no
documentation are receiving way more benefits than the average American Citizen.


information will be found through a variety of articles, court-cases, and data collections. My
main goal throughout this piece will be to show that it is time for the American citizens to be
treated fairly.