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Daniel Kaminski
Ms. Morton
UWRT 1102-024
April 5, 2016
Annotated Bibliography: War and Terrorism

Pletka, Danielle. "United States in the War on Terrorism." American Enterprise Institute. 23 May
2002. Web. 29 Mar. 2016.
The war on terror involves many countries besides the United States. Most of them are
fine with what we are doing but dont really want to be involved. We have bases in certain
countries across the Middle East and North-Eastern Africa. We are pretty much alone as far as
fighting the War on Terrorism against Al Qaeda and the Lebanon government. It comes down to
beliefs in the end. Many school systems across the Arab nations teach hatred towards to U.S
because we dont believe the same as them. Thats why we dont have much help in this war on
I would also like to learn more on the whole beliefs aspects of things. What is the
underground story behind this whole hatred? I would have liked it if Pletka went into more detail
on this aspect rather than which countries are allies and which countries we are against. I take
from this article that our country is in a war similar to the cold war. We are in a fight on our own
and there isnt a particular reason why. Yes we went to war with Iraq because they attacked the
United States in 2001, but was this our place to be and are we really supposed to police the world
the way we do?

I can connect this article with pretty much the rest of my paper. In this article it talks
about reasons we are in the war on terrorism and who is with us and who we are against. It also
explains some of the reasons we are in this ourselves and possibilities on how we should go
about figuring this war on terror.

Gilsinan, Kathy. Terrorists Attacks on Schools Have Soared in the Past 10 Years. The Atlantic.
17 December 2014. Web. 31 March 2016.
Terrorism targeting educational institutions worldwide has become a higher priority and
problem in recent years. Based on the graphs, it has increased drastically since 2005. All over the
world terrorism in schools and institutions is a growing problem.
One thing I would really like to specifically talk about are the graphs and maps in this
source. They are very important in showing the accurate data and I can get a mental picture on a
global scale of how these attacks are increasing and where they are happening and whether or not
they are against a specific race or other specific target. In 2010 there was a huge increase in
terrorist attacks on schools. The following years after 2010 they number of attacks doubled from
5-10 years previous. Also in 2010 the number of attacks on schools as a total percentage with
worldwide terrorist attacks was the highest point on the graph.
These attacks are also questionable like I stated in the previous article analysis. Why
would terrorist want to turn their heads on innocent children and schools? There has got to be a
bigger reason for this. It happens all over the world so it isnt just a specific target group for
these terrorists.

Strickler, Laura. Homegrown terror threat higher in Europe than U.S., academics say. CBS
News. 15 January 2015. Web. 31 March 2016.
Terrorism is a pretty big problem around the world today. CBS News says that terrorism
has a greater chance of happening in Europe than in the U.S. Why is this? Europe is closer to the
source of the terrorists than the United States. Also Europe is closer to those areas such as Syria
and Afghanistan and therefore they have more immigrants coming to their countries.
These acts of terrorism in Europe may be more of a threat than in America because they
are closer but America has a more diverse culture and population than many European countries
do. The threat and fear in Europe is greater because their culture isnt as accepting and diverse as
our U.S. is. So what does this mean for homegrown attacks?
Many Europeans based on polls feel they are more at threat for homegrown attacks.
There is also more hate towards these Muslim terrorist groups and there is a lot of anti-Muslim
conflict in Europe in general. This source can connect with my next source because both talk
about homegrown extremists and jihadists terrorism.

Shane, Scott. Homegrown Extremists Tied to Deadlier Toll Than Jihadists in U.S. Since 9/11.
U.S. The New York Times. 24 June 2015. Web. 31 March 2016.
Homegrown terrorism isnt just Muslim/Jihadist based. It is also acts by White
Supremacists and antigovernment fanatics. These acts of terror can be hard to predict because not
only are they American citizens but some of them dont even have a criminal history. Some of
these people act upon themselves such as the case in Charleston but some are planned out by
these supremacists groups and other groups alike.

The fear of homegrown terrorism across the United States is growing with the more
terrorist attacks we see around the world. I really liked how much details and specific cases and
research Shane wrote about in this article. I learned a lot just from this single article about our
homegrown terrorism in our own country. There were more attacks from non-Muslim/jihadists
groups than there were from Muslim/jihadists groups. This may be confusing for people because
they may think why we have terrorism from people in America. This can also be taken as a
misunderstanding factor. Many people in the United States believe that terrorism is just from
other countries attacking, but really terrorism is an act of terror in itself. It doesnt matter where
they are from or what ethnicity they are.

Stewart, Scott. "Domestic Terrorism: A Persistant Threat in the United States." Stratfor. 23 Aug.
2012. Web. 29 Mar. 2016.
Whether the terrorism comes from the Jihadist groups such as ISIS or from within our
own country, terrorism is a threat to the United States. Most people think of terrorism just as
enemy countries attacking us or attacking other countries and killing people but also terrorism
can come from within our own country. There are bombings that happen and shootings and these
things happen to random innocent people. The reason behind these attacks dont really stand out.
I can take from the text that the white supremacists groups and jihadists groups are in favor of a
leaderless governing system. Thought he jihadists didnt favor this as much until much more
recently the white supremacists have and they have endured this style of governing for a while

This source talks mainly about domestic terrorism within the United States. This goes
hand in hand with my previous source and that this is an act that is mainly conducted under lone
attackers rather than a group of attackers. Many of the reasons for why these attacks are
happening is not set in stone. Ive talked about this as well in previous sources above. The known
reason is still unknown. Many of these attackers take their own lives and leave very little if any
evidence as to why they do this. This is also going on in jihadists attacks as well. Take the 9/11
attacks for example, all of the attackers died and left absolutely no evidence as to why or fro
what reason they would do such horrendous acts of terror.
I believe that the persistent threat will continue until we can figure out the reason behind
these attacks. This goes for every single source I have written about. The reason we cant contain
and control the terrorism around the world is because we dont understand and know exactly why
it is happening and it is a huge problem for any country facing terrorism. The War on Terrorism
will continue until we find out the underground structure and reasoning for these attacks.