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Kaminski 1

Daniel Kaminski
Ms. Morton
UWRT 1102-024
25 February 2016
Midterm Reflection
My name is Daniel Kaminski and this is my experience in UWRT 1102. To start things
off I would like to reflect on some of the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of the
semester. These goals included making sure to finish my work and turn it in on-time, set a
standard for myself and keep a positive outlook on the class, on other students in the class, and
respect what everyone has to say. These goals are probably the most important to me. So far this
semester these goals have been met. I like my teacher and all the other students.
In class we have a commonplace book, which we write our homework in and any notes
or writings that we do in class. In our commonplace book we write about the readings we have
online. These readings are all about our class topic and we write about the article and how it
relates to our class topic. Some of these articles are more interesting than others and some cause
a big class discussion.
The topic of the semester in my writing class is violence. Violence can mean many
different things such as animal cruelty, self-harm, war, and anything else that is a violent act. One
particular commonplace book entry I remember is #4. I wrote this entry on January 26th and had
to read an article called Redeployment. In this article it talked about a man that had been
redeployed to war and his experiences during and after he came back from war. He had seen so

Kaminski 2

much violence and shooting and killing while over-seas that when he returned home he seemed
to be much more aware and alert of his surroundings. He called this state of mind code orange.
This man had witnessed a lot of violence and it goes to show that violence can harm someone.
Just seeing an act of violence is enough for you to never forget it and possibly change your life
In our writing class, our final project is to create an E-portfolio on a certain topic of
choice. Of course it has to do with our semester topic. I have been thinking of many different
topics over the past few weeks that I can find plenty of information on to make a very creative
and intriguing portfolio. My expectations of this project arent much different than last semester.
Since this is my second e-portfolio I have worked on I feel that I am more knowledgeable and
prepared for this project.
Coming into this class at the beginning of the semester I expected something similar to
my last writing class. I really like how we have a specific but also broad topic this semester. I
remember during the first couple days of classes my teacher told us she was going to assign us
groups to do our group projects with. It is nice to be able to open up to a smaller group of people
and get into a group discussion about our homework readings and class discussions. We are
beginning to talk about our final project and how we can use our teammates to help look over
and support each other with ideas. I think its a good to work with other students on projects and
assignments in class because it helps me become a better writer and brings out more creativity in
my work. I hope the rest of the semester continues to be great and interesting for me.

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