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7:00: Captain Cornball escorts his guests to the dinner table
7:30: The host and guests sit down for dinner
7:35: sky darkened, chairs rustled, a glass was dropped, people
screamed, Captain Cornball groaned loudly
7:36: The sun returned, Captain Cornball was found slumped forward,
his face in his bowl, and a large steak knife in the back of his neck
7:40: The police are called
7:55: The police arrive
8:00: Captain Cornball is pronounced dead, the knife is bagged, the
guests are interviewed , Norma Nanny is tended to after she cut her

EVIDENCE of Norma Nanny

XXX Chromosomal Disorder causes behavior issues
She is a very jealous women
Blood type matched
DNA fingerprint matched
Her pen was used to write the threatening note U R a dead
man with a crayola marker on a napkin
75% chance of having Huntingtons Disease which causes
impulsiveness and lack of awareness of ones behavior

Fingerprint Theory
Although Norma Nannys fingerprint was not a match with
the one at the crime scene, our theory is that she used
gloves while committing the crime. The fact that her
fingerprint was not find at the crime scene even further
proves our point because if she had actually cut her finger
on a piece of glass like she said, then her fingerprint would
most likely be on that glass. We believe that by telling the
police that she cut her hand on the glass she was covering
up the fact that she may have accidentally cut her hand
while committing the crime. It would have been extra
likely for her to cut herself since Huntingtons disease also
causes involuntary jerking movements.

Purpose: To match a test marker with the marker
used for the crime scene note.
Method: We ran a test on all the control inks in
order to see which ink matched the one from the
crime scene. We are able to tell if the ink
matches by the pattern that is shown on the
chromatography paper.
Results: The pen used to write the note
belonged to Norma Nanny.

Chromatography Results
On the left is our test using a Crayola
marker and on the right is the ink from
the marker used at the crime scene. We
were able to conclude that it was this
marker that was used for the threatening
note. The marker was owned by
Norma Nanny.


We found out the DNA sequence by using
We mixed TAE and augurous to make a gel that is
used in gel electrophoresis to find out the DNA
fingerprint. Our results matched Norma Nannys DNA.

Blood Sample
When we tested the blood samples from the
crime scene, there was one sample of type A
and one sample of type O. Captain Cornball
has type O blood so that is where the type O
blood came from. As for the type A blood, we
have concluded that it belongs to Norma
Nanny because everyone else with A blood
has been ruled out through other tests.

Captain Cornball could have murdered Nadia and
therefore was put in jail. This reinforces the evidence
for Norma Nanny being the prime suspect because she
is Nadias cousin and might be seeking revenge.
Norma was really attached to her mother so she took her
mothers last name.
Nadia was her mothers sisters daughter which makes
sense that she would have a connection with her
mothers side of the family.
After her Aunts daughters death, her Aunt suffered

Detecting Crime