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Makeez Qaderi

CHD 298
Ann-Marie Lanius
Philosophy Statement
Some may say that the most important stage in a childs education is kindergarten.
However, I would have to disagree. Personally, I believe the most important time in a childs life
with regards to education is preschool. Whether a child is an infant, two, three, or four years old,
those ages and developmental stages are very important. As an aspiring preschool teacher, I
would be their first experience in having a teacher before they begin elementary school. I would
be creating the educational foundation for them to build on as they continue their education.
My philosophy is based on Maria Montessori because her method of teaching uses the
childs strengths and interests to help them become lifelong learners. I strongly believe in
Montessoris notion that teachers should take a step back and let childrens natural interest take
place. When children guide their own learning, it sparks their creativity and interest, which leads
to higher level learning in the long run. Montessori allows children to learn through hands-on
activities and socialization.
A teacher should not dictate a childs learning and be overly focused on lesson plans and
scripted teaching. Instead, they should set up a classroom filled with learning opportunities,
which lay the foundation for children to self-direct and explore. As an aspiring teacher, it is vital
for me to make connections and have strong relationships with children and their families. I plan
to build rapport with families by getting to know the special qualities each of their children
possess. This includes knowing their strengths and areas for improvement that I could support.
It is important to use active listening, show empathy, and build a trusting relationship. Its also
important to me to constantly build my toolbox of skills by being a continuous learner. This will

help me be prepared for challenges as well as working with a diverse population of students and
Every child learns and perceives information in a different way and has various learning
styles and abilities. Therefore, I believe it is important to meet the needs of every childs
development. I think it is best for children to be learning in a safe and inviting classroom
environment. This is especially true for children who live in negative environments at home. It is
important that the school and classroom serve as a safe haven for everyone. If the classroom has
a more positive, natural, and welcoming environment, the child will be more likely to engage
with his/her peers and be encouraged to learn more. My classroom would be reflective of the
Montessori method by being a place of harmony, beauty and guidance. The educational
environment would be very natural with open ended material for the children to play with.
In conclusion, my goal is to be the best educator I can be. I will strive for children to
have the best possible primary educational experiences in an effort to set them up for a
successful future. I will guide them every step of the way, answer their questions, and encourage
them to be best person they can be.