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Name: Nadia Karim

Class: EED215
Section number: 11502
Instructor: Michaele Pilsbury
August 4, 2015

Section 1: Health & Fitness

1- Kids Allergies
This site provides information about Food allergy for kids is an
adverse reaction to food protein by an immunological
mechanism. Signs can involve all organs, but atopic dermatitis
remains the main manifestation. In children, only few
allergens are involved. It is cow milk, hen eggs, kiwi, peanut,
fish, nuts, shrimp. Diagnosis is based on clinical history, skin
tests, specific IgE and, sometimes, food challenge. Treatment
is based on specific eviction. I use this web site to give some
information how parent who has a child with food or other
severe allergies has an allergist. That allergist writes a letter
to the school and lists the accommodations that will be
necessary. The school should have a copy of the written plan
as well as a supply of any medications necessary.
2- The Importance of Early Childhood Activity


This site provides information about physical activity in

children will
benefit them throughout childhood and into adulthood.
Integrating physical activity into young childrens lives is
essential for creating a foundation of movement and activity
that they will carry with them throughout the rest of their
lives. Physically active children learn habits in early childhood
that greatly increase their chances of remaining physically
active through their young adult and teenage years and into
adulthood. I use this web sit to give more information about
the benefit child activity Healthy growth and development
.Building strong hearts, muscles and bones. Acquisition of
fundamental motor skills .Improved movement, balance,
coordination and reaction time Increased mental awareness.
Improved social skills, self-esteem and confidence. Healthy
weight management.
3- Teaching your child healthy hair care habits
Healthy hair care begins with learning how to wash the hair
without damaging it. When your child is ready to start
shampooing, follow these steps to help your child develop
healthy hair-care habits. Many things that we do to style our
hair actually damage our hair. Over the years, this damage
can accumulate, leading to unhealthy and unattractive hair.


The best way to prevent unhealthy hair is to teach children

healthy habits for taking care of their hair.
4- BloodCultureTest
This web site provide information about the blood culture test
why is important to kids. Prevent specimen contamination by
microorganisms, use sterile supplies and aseptic technique to
collect specimens. Obtain cultures prior to starting antibiotic
therapy. Notify the physician if unable to obtain cultures. I use
this web site because I see some parent dont care about this
test its important test to newborn and children. A blood
culture can reveal a number of infections or problems, such as
endocarditis, a severe and potentially life-threatening problem
that occurs when bacteria in the bloodstream stick to the
heart valves.
5- Children,theFlu,andtheFluVaccine
This web site provide information about the flu vaccine .
Influenza (the flu) is more dangerous than the common cold
for children. Each year, many children get sick with seasonal
influenza; some of those illnesses result in death. The flu
vaccine is recommended for everyone age 6 months and
older. It's especially important for people who are at greater
risk of developing health problems from the flu to get


vaccinated. Most people do not have any side effects from the
flu shot. Some have soreness or swelling at the site of the
shot or mild side effects, such as headache or low-grade fever.
Some people who get the nasal spray vaccine may develop
mild flu-like symptoms, including runny nose, headache,
vomiting, muscle aches, and fever.
Section 2: Safety
This web site provide information Protecting children from the
sun. We all need some sun exposure it's the top source of
vitamin D, which helps our bodies absorb calcium for stronger,
healthier bones .But it doesn't take much time in the sun for
most people to get the vitamin D they need. And repeated
unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet, eye damage,
immune system suppression, and skin cancer. Even people in
their twenties can develop skin cancer. Most kids get much of
their lifetime sun exposure before age 18, so it's important for
parents to teach them how to enjoy fun in the sun safely.
Taking the right precautions can greatly reduce your child's
chance of developing skin cancer.
2- Secondhand Smoke


This web site give information about the Secondhand smoke

comes from lit cigarettes and cigars. It also comes from
smoke breathed out by smokers. When children breathe









Secondhand smoke is made of thousands of chemicals. I use

tis web site because a lot of parent is second smoke hands
and they dont know the effect. Cigarettes are very effective
devices for spreading harmful chemicals, including nicotine,
carbon monoxide, and a variety of potent human carcinogens,
all over their houses. If the parent light up in one room, the
smoke will be detectable in the entire house within minutes








contaminants wherever they go pollutants seep out of their

clothes, skin, hair, and breath. So before getting close to a
baby, smokers should wear clean clothes (that they haven't
worn while smoking), wash their hands and face (especially
after smoking), and never let the baby suck on their fingers.
3- Car seat safety This web site
information about the car seat safety. Proper use of car safety seats


keep children safe. But with so many different car safety seats on
the market,
its no wonder many parents find this Overwhelming. I use the web
site because most parents are hesitant to child safety car seats for
their children because of the expensive price but they can benefit from
it in the long term. Some parents believe that all car seats are of the
same quality, and will go for the cheapest seats .But it is very
important to only use child safety car seats that
are approve by the government .
This web site provided information about bike safety . Bicycle riding is
fun, healthy, and a great way to be independent. But it is important to
remember that a bicycle is not a toy; its a vehicle! Be cool follow
some basic safety tips when you ride. One of the first steps in teaching
children about bicycle safety is to be a role model practice what we
preach. To better ensure that children understand bicycle safety and
engage in life-long bicycle safety behaviors, adults need to
demonstrate the desired behaviors when cycling including wearing a
helmet and following the rules of the road. Wearing bright clothes and


putting reflectors on their bike also can help they stay safe. Bike
helmets are so important .The bike helmet should fit they properly.
5-Gun Safety
This web site provide information about the gun safety . Its a gun
owners most important responsibility to keep their firearms from
falling into the wrong hands -- and that includes children. Most people
don't advertise the fact that they own guns. Before the child visit their
friend, make sure their parents check with friend's parents to see if
they own a gun. may already be playing at a friend's house when you
learn that a gun is nearby. Tell the child If the your friend wants to
show you the gun, say "no" and leave right away if you are close to
home. Or call their parent for a ride and talk about what happened as
soon as you're picked up.
Section 3: Nutrition
1-Healthy Food Shopping
This web site provide about healthy food for kids. one children are
picky eaters while some eat everything in sight. Eating should be a fun
and healthy activity for children. Parents strive to serve their kids a
variety of healthy foods, and going to the grocery store is an important
step in this process. The items we put in our shopping carts week after


week can boost kids' health and give them a positive attitude
toward nutritious food. The parent should make list Eat vegetables and
fruits every day. Use vegetable oils (especially ones high in
monounsaturated fat such as olive and canola) and soft margarine low
in saturated fat and trans-fatty acids instead of butter, shortening, or
most other animal fats.

2- Benefits of Breakfast
This web site provide information about the benefits of breakfast.
Children who eat breakfast are more likely to behave better in school
and get along with their peers than those who do not. Breakfast is a
great way to give the body the refueling it needs. Kids who eat
breakfast tend to eat healthier overall and are more likely to
participate in physical activities two great ways to help maintain a
healthy weight. Breakfast also can help keep kids' weight in check.
Breakfast kick-starts the body's metabolism, the process by which the
body converts the fuel in food to energy. And when the metabolism
gets moving, the body starts burning calories.
3-My plate food


This web site provide the information about the healthy plate food.
Throughout the day, try to make half of what the kids eat vegetables
and fruits, and the other half grains and protein foods. An occasional
treat is fine, but be careful to limit foods that are high in calories and
low in nutrients. The vegetable portion of MyPlate, in green, is one of
the largest portions on the plate. That's because, just like grandma
said, it's important to "eat your veggies. Fruits take up a slightly
smaller portion of the plate than vegetables, but they're still an
important part of a diet. They contain necessary nutrients like vitamin
C, potassium, and fiber. Great choices include oranges, peaches,
mangoes, strawberries, and apples. The grain group includes any food
made from wheat, oats, cornmeal, barley, or other grain. Bread,
tortillas, cereal, rice, and pasta belong in this group. Foods that are
high in protein help the body build, maintain, and repair tissue. They
also have nutrients that are necessary to the body, like B vitamins and
4- Vegetarian Children
This web site provide information about the vegetarian children. When
the vast majority of problems that come about from a kid being
vegetarian or vegan are results of not properly educating the parent on
what exactly your vegetarian kid needs in order to survive, making


them eat things they dont want to, or not giving them a B12 vitamin, I
think its time to stop blaming the diet itself and point the finger at
inadequate parents. In most cases, you shouldn't be alarmed if your
child chooses vegetarianism. Discuss what it means and how to
implement it, ensuring your child makes healthy and nutritious food
5-Healthy Eating Habits
This web site provide information about y teaching your children
healthy eating habits, and modeling these behaviors in yourself, you
can help your children maintain a healthy weight and normal growth.
Also, the eating habits your children pick up when they are young will
help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults. I use this
web site because I think When teach the child to eat healthy foods
the majority of the time and to save fattening or sugar-filled junk foods
for occasional treats. These treats should not be completely banned or
else they will be even more appealing to the kids.