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9-361 St Annes Rd, Winnipeg , MB

T: 204.880.0897


April 08, 2016

Manitoba Start
271 Portage Ave
Winnipeg , MB R3B 2A8
Re: Junior Accountant Position # 1474
Dear Hiring Manager,
Enclosed is my resume in response to your need for a Junior Accountant,
which I saw, posted on the Manitoba Start website.
I have Diploma in Applied Accounting from Red River College with a Level 2 of
CPA certification . In addition to my academic qualifications, I offer experience
working with data-bases using variety of Accounting Softwares as well as high
comfort level with Microsoft packages .I possess a 4 year of work experience
in Accounts management and supervisory roles. Contributing to my ability to
analyze financial reports , I have polished business communication skills.
When I worked as an Accounts Manager, I had the opportunity to increase my
decision making skills by working closely on the projects with marketing
experts. I am known as a team player that puts in whatever effort is
necessary to accomplish goals.
I am confident that I can contribute to your organization with my skills and
will be looking forward to meeting with you.

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