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About Konhara

We know that we come to do and to die and work is worship, duty is beauty Any time we can
proceed for there. A luck and a fourtunate man gets the change to reach the Moksh-Dham. It is
situated 5 km from Hajipur Junction railway station. It is located at the junction of the Ganga to the
Narayani (Shaligrami) usually called the Gandak. The Danveer Karna, the only son of th Sun, who
had desire to be creamated at the Moksh-Dhaam Konhara-Ghat and so was happed. The famous and
vadic event is the Gaj-Grah fighting and the arrival of the Lord Vishnu (Narayan) with her life
partner (Narayani). In behalf of Gaj (Elephant) and killed the Demon Grah (Crocodile) and the Truth
became the Triumph.
A mythological tale is the alienation (animity) between Shaiv and the Vaishnav, the Lord
Vishnu and the Zeus (The lord fo the Lord - Mahadev), stepped down to judge the quarrel. So the
place is the paradise, so it is called Hari-Har-Nath. Millions of people take a Holi-Dip om every year
on Kartic Purnima. It is the biggest gathering of the universe for a day and begin the world fame
fair/mela Hariharkshetra. It is the memory of Mingle of Hari and Har. It is on of the four-kshetras of
the world.
Other Visible place around Konhara Ramchaura Mandir, Mamu-Bhanja, Patthar Maszid, Haji-Pir,
Nepali-Chauni, Baba Nirmal Das Samadhi, Nath Baba Mandir, CIPET, Institute of Hotel
Management etc.
Visibile Place around Hajipur Jar-Bharat Ashram, Lok Sevashram (Baba Ram Lakhan Das), Aami
(Saran) 30 k.m. west on NH-19, Gaurishankar Mandir (Saran) 5 k.m. west on NH-19, BhuiaAsthan -10 k.m. East-north, Budia Maiya -7 k.m. on hajipur lalganj road, Baba Magni ram birth
place (satpur) bhagwanpur. 24 k.m. on NH-77, Chechar-Ghat famous for historical place & related to
Budha -14 km on Hajipur-Mahnar road. Amrapali native place Mahnar -33 km, Baba Ganniath
Mandir Mahnar and his native place Pallavaia Dhaam -40 km. Pahleja Ghat Uttarayan Ganga
(Northern Ganga), Bba Bateshwar Nath Andhara Bat. 25 km on NH103, Baraila Lake 35 km om
NH103, International Tree (Turki) -40 km on NH-77& 1km from Truki Railway station, vidyapati
Mandir Vidyapati Nagar Railway station, Garib Asthan (Muzaffarpur) 60km from Hajipur and 5
km from Muzaffarpur Railway station. Anjanpir Hajipur 3 km on NH-19, Sarda Library
(Lalganj) 18- km from Hajipur.
At Vaishali
1. Ruins of King Vishal Fort.
2. Bainkateshwar Temple
3. Harikatora Temple
4. Grav of Miran Kazi Sutari
5. Budh-Stup
6. Baban Pokara
7. Jain Temple
8. Chaturmukhi Mahadev Kampan chhapra
9. Mahavir Birth Place Vashukund
10. Abhishek Puskarni
11. Vaishali Musium
12. Vaishali Vishva Shanti Stup
13. Bania Chatturmukhi Mahadev
14. Ashok Stambh


This is an unique organization in the world, which is perceivable through the sences of
entirety/wholeness. This institution open the door of all factors which is affect the humanitarian
properties and finally presents towards you. Now a days human-worth is slump down and move
towards devilness. In the dazziling effects of materialism, we run away in haste. We reach at the high
bank of the state of sound asleep. Human culture is extinct now. Human life is precious, curious,
unprecedented, and lucid. But human far away from these characters in blind-running. Man became
heartless machinery-made-man (Robot). He feels develop but this development is in decreasing
Yet we would reach to the moon, after sometime we will also reach to mars, we flys in sky,
we made atom-bomb and so on. But is your foot on the earth? Did you think? Surely our kindness,
brotherhood ness cosmopolitan Tu Vasudehaiv Kutumkam would spent far away. We are only a
machinery-man. We are heartless. It is our ruin. Our humanity is not only downfall bent it is in the
stage of collapse. Before death bet-up! Awake!! and Rise!!!
In spite of these developments, man suffer from more serious diseases, one or two new
disease out-breaks every ten years. Maximum people live in very low poverty. They dont take
adequate food in quantity and quality both. We can see easily quarrel for effused food at the every
streets. We pass on looking at the scene as a Demon and pitiless.
We get the result of our deeds because tit for tat; as we sow, so we now. We have became
selfish and greedy that we loose our science/prudence. In the so-called developed era, there is acute
lack of serenity and pleasure. People are to get these Dollar (the Buck) causes Dolor. That is why. So
may diseases like insomnia, hyper tension, mental insanity, scizophrania, sizure, depression etc are
created and suffering the mass. Having not a bit of peace, defeating the precious life accept the death
or try to get salvation. They step on the wrong way of life to survive with luxury and take narcotics
and toxins, that causes fatal occurrence and goes into bad-habits. Finally die in between muske. Is it
Development. Are you among those?
The real meaning of Development is all-physical, mental and spiritual. Having full fill with
all the resources and finally, it opens the doors of the highest human aim i.e. Mokshya. Where is
found everlasting joy i.e. Satyam Shivam & Sundaram.
This organization is always try to gain the lost wealth of humanity and finally these
properties would re-established in his own.
This institution always try to trio-taps (Physical, done by the god / pertaining to and
spiritual), which is forwarded to completeness life. Then do not you not follow this path. This is
continues running institution which reforms endless.

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Now, you are invited in this endless path for achieve the real peace solemonly, which is Goal of our

(Seva to needful Person)
Aday, Human achieve a lots of success-they are flying in sky, reached on moon and also get
to mars, suffer form atomic energy to human-clone. So, we feel proud to himself. At that place, we
see often a mental bagger to all. At bus-stand, temples even foot-path, we see in little dressed they,
take uneatable, abandoned food on that place. We see him and he is looked to me to kindness-eyes.
We take face to face with him. But we forward at our own path of closing-eyes. So you think that he
is also a man just like me? They are begger to workness but we are also a mental begger.
It is also a strange that we do not kindness to these beggers at all. But in these days we see
that these teen aged girl beggars has been pregnant by so-called gentle persons. This is the highest
ruin of humanity not development, Disclain that man! Disdain that development!! Disdain that
O man get up, awake and go ahead to search himself and think! What would you found and
forgotten in this life-journey.
Which is forward away from humanity. In this mortal and immortal world. Love to all
creatures. Search me in all. I am present in all and all are present in Me. This is PREM-YOG. This
is the easy path of to get me. Grow Pearl from kindness, which reached to me. Because I am
KARUNA (Kindness) and KARUNA PRAVAH (Foundation of kindness). Also all the creatures and
universe keep too. I am loved them, which love all. Real worship of me is to serve the suffed man
and all the living beings.

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Welcome to you to get together for this virtual work.

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