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MCT/MST Lesson Observation

Feedback to student teacher:

Student teachers name: Alya Grade Level: KG1
Unit/Lesson: Transportation

Date:20th March

Competency Area
Professionalism and Understanding
Professional growth
Planning for learning
Planning activities and lesson aims
Implementing and Managing Learning
Language and delivery
Classroom management
Communication skills
Monitoring and Assessment
Critical Reflection
Strengths of the lesson:




T and std organizing classroom as student leads Arabic phonic lesson

Class teachers introduces the lesson aims and song and std teacher and class teacher work
together - to ask which transport do you like?
Alya translates and points clearly to the transportation to explain - good voice projection and
clear pronunciation
As students come up and choose - Alya encourages the students and asked them 'which one
do you like?' - this is good to see - to see you working in partnership with your T and focusing
on student learning
You are smiling and welcoming , and gently touch and encourage the students as they go up
and down
All pupils make their mark and the class teacher leads the counting of each transport item
T works with 4 stds and demonstrates the task clearly to the students and starts the activity
Stds error T say 'count' again - a lovely non threatening way to correct errors
T praises stds effort ' good job', 'well done' - good to see you using a variety of responses and
feedback T mangaes stds behaviour and encourages std to sit nicely
T explains the next task 'I will remove the car and you will say the number' - accurate English
and good stds participation 'show me.......' - how will you scaffold the learning of the std is
cognitively challenged and trying to work out '9' - you might want to think about this

T has a reward system - with stamps - this makes the stds happy
Stds are encouraged to clean up - this is well managed

Areas for development:

Lesson plan sent in advance - very brief! Need to speak to other stds about what to include in
a lesson plan and the necessity for detail. E.g. What the teacher will say, what the stds will
say, what the teacher will do, what the stds will do etc.

E = Excellent, G = Good, S = Satisfactory, M = Marginal and US = Unsatisfactory

Student-Teacher: Alyaa Naser

Date: Sunday, March 20,2016
Course: EPC 1401

Grade Level: KG 1
Subject: Mathmatices
Strand: Number
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):
KINS3: Count sets of up to 10 objects using one to one correspondence.
KINS4: Recognize written numbers from 1 -10 in Arabic and English.
Resources (what
materials/equipment will you and
the students use? Be specific)

Prepare 10 toy cars and cartoon square

shows parking lot and box includes 10
numbers cards .
Key vocabulary

One, two, three, four,

( Numbers from 1 to 10).

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of

small group activities)

The teacher will introduce the numbers from 1 to 10 by display video has
numbers while the students jumping with each number like the video.
Guided and Independent Experience (group working with the teacher)

The student teacher will explain the activity to the students by

modeling . The student will choose one card from box, then he or she will
count how many pictures in the card . Then he or she will take one car and
put the car in a suitable park in parking lot ( cartoon square ) which shows
written number.
The teacher will review the numbers from 1 to 10 to the students when
they finish the activity by ask them to share what they learned and what
is their favorite number.



Time: 6 minWhole

Parking lot
Cars toy
Cards include pictures show number
s from 1 to 10

Preparation (what do you need to mak

or check before class?)


observing if the students counting correctly and put the car on the correct