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SLOB Reflection

In this assignment our prompt was to choose examples within the story to
support the claim of how Lilys character, through thoughts and actions,
transformed over the course of the novel. We then had to explain how this specific
element transcendence through the themes of religion, of race, or of gender. I had
chosen to write about religion and how it expanded her journey by being a guide of
hope. However my argument for this was vague and I had my structure and
transition sentences unorganized. Looking over the original paper I saw that Id
made mistakes in not specifying the actual transcendence of the part religion plays
within Lilys character. I also had repetition in the same two paragraphs, stating
how her beliefs shaped her present situation. To improve this piece I needed to
clarify the transition of change, and apply that to how it would affect Lily and her
story as a whole.
My goal for this assignment was to incorporate the meaning or
symbolization of religion and the part it plays in the story. It was difficult to do this
as religion is a clear aspect of the novel, and is already connected in changing each
of the characters. This timed write may not have been my strongest, because my
claims were based on restating what the author had intended. This would show a
*weakness in which I will have to work in utilizing evidence to support the
argument I am making. Other than not clearly identifying and correctly using the

examples to back up my claim, I had felt comfortable in the topic I had chosen but
will have to work on completing the prompt being asked.
For this particular essay topic I would think many of my classmates would
choose to write about religion or of race; mainly because these two factors are
prevalent in the novel. However, my essay would distinguish from others by my
claim in comparing the effects religion had on Lily, and how that transformed her
story over the course of the story. I wouldve kept the same score if I had selfgraded this essay, because there were many errors I that I had to revision on in my
second draft of this paper. Comparing it to the other students in this class, my
standards met were lower than the average, because a large part of the prompt was
missing in the essay I had written. To those who may have read over this paper,
they may have judged it to be fairly unwell written with my repetition on not fully
answering the prompt.
In the revision piece I had made for this paper I went back to edit major
supporting claims I had to the thesis. I found these to be the main aspects of which
lead off to not fully responding to the question. I had also found it easier in
utilizing the actual source, the novel itself, in providing specific evidence for my
argument. This tells me I have strengths in incorporating my sources into text, but
not actually bringing them in when theyre not available. Id like to improve this
skill by summarizing and taking notes of themes or authors purpose while in my

readings. This would help refresh my knowledge of the story, and also broaden my
usage in adding evidence.