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St. Raphael School
Presenter: Lisa Cuzzo Principal
Audience: Faculty & Staff of St. Raphael

The objective of this presentation today is to introduce a new
high performance learning assessment model where assessing
learner performance occurs in ways that are learner centered.
After much research and a deeper understanding of this new
model of assessment I would like to introduce you to the
competency-based learning theory.

Competency-Based Education


Knowledge is networked and distributed

The experience of learning is one of forming new neural,
conceptual and external networks.
Occurs in complex, chaotic, shifting spaces.
Increasingly aided by technology, such as Facebook, twitter, and
In todays ever changing society, students can now connect,
communicate and learn from one another through the digital world.
The network in which students communicate can be vast or small

Diagnostic Assessment

Teachers share learning goals with learners

and make sure they know the standard or
level they are aiming at.
Teacher and learner assess progress
through methods that include learner selfassessment and peer review.
It allows the teacher to determine the level
of instruction and where to place a certain
A diagnostic assessment can help
determine the learning targets and the
appropriate teaching and learning
strategies and interventions for achieving
Encourage learners to take more
responsibility for their learning and ensure
what and why they are learning.

Formative Assessment

Resources for
Formative & Diagnostic
Formative Assessment:
Advancing Formative Assessment In Every Classroom by Connie Moss
and Susan M. Brookhart
Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam

Diagnostic Assessment:

How is Competency-Based
Learning Student-Centered?
Changing your teaching method will
motivate you and your students, and will
create an environment that promotes
student learning.
Competency-Based Learning allows students
to demonstrate mastery in multiple ways at
an appropriate pace, with greater clarity
about learning objectives.
Holds students accountable for knowing
what skills they must master and for
seeking out additional help.
The teacher is frequently providing feedback
to students so they know what areas they
need to improve.
Capitalizes on online learning at the pace of
the learner.

Student-Centered Assessment

Connectivism and Competency-Based

Learning in an HPL Environment

CompetencyBased Learning
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