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Observer: Dr. Johannes De Klerk
Section: 06B30BU03

Instructor: Aisha Alfalahi

Class: BUS2403

Students Present: 16
Date: 15/3/2016

Rating of the Teaching Elements:

5=Exceptional; 4 =Exceeds Expectations; 3 = Meets Expectations; 2 = Improvement Needed; 1 = Unsatisfactory

Teaching Elements
Pace of Lesson
Use of Learning
Resources Aids /
Relevancy of Materials
(La nguage Level/Variety)


Student Engagement
Language level of
Feedback Techniques
(Pos i ti ve a nd Nega ti ve)

Question Answer

Class Management Skills

Clarity of

The pace of the lesson was very appropriate for the level of
the students. The lesson covered sources of capital for
entrepreneurs and Aisha ensured that all the students were

Aisha used notes, asked questions which led to good

discussion and she had a class exercise which all contributed
to the students understanding of the topic.

The material used were the standard course material as

prescribed for the course.

Rapport between
instructors and

The students displayed a great respect for Aisha. She asked

questions and called the students all by name and they were
keen to answer and contribute.

Aisha clearly knows the topic very well and has a passion for
entrepreneurship and this was evident in the way she
discussed the topic in class.

Students were engaged through questions which were

asked randomly to ensure participation of all.

The language level was excellent, students understood the

topic and managed to engage in discussion.

Aisha gave constructive feedback to the students. Even if

they did not answer correctly, she would lead them to the
correct answer.

As stated, Aisha made regular use of questions to ensure

discussion. In this way she checked understanding and
ensured involvement of the whole class.

Aisha managed the class very well, students participated

and showed a great deal of respect and commitment.

Aisha wrote the objectives on the board and students

always were aware of what to expect and what they were
going to learn about.

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Overall Evaluation:
Observers Comments:
Aisha showed a great deal of confidence and handled the class like a seasoned professional, although
she is relatively new to teaching. Students respect her and contribute very well. She is obviously
passionate about the topic of entrepreneurship and this is evident in the way she discusses the topic in
class. Students are aware of this as well and therefor participate very well.

Suggestions for Improvement:

Although Aisha is new to teaching, she handled the class very confidently. Aisha is presently on
the HADEF program and it is clear from the way she handles the class that she is learning a great
deal on this program. My only suggestion is for her to keep using the skills she learns on the
program as she is doing right now.

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Instructors Comments:

Signature of Instructor:

BLANK observation form.doc/JF/np/11/03/2015