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Jen ratio refers to
a multilayered
mixture of
benevolence and
A man wishing
to establish his
own character,
also establishes
the character of
others, and
brings the good
things of others
to completion
and does not
bring the bad
things of others
to completion.

Discover that deeply satisfying

feeling that comes from bringing
your woman to completion
Youd like to revive your
sex life... but when you
consider the poten8ally
emo8onal discussions
required to vet your
feelings and hers, you
may feel the prospect
of talking to be
overwhelming and
poten8ally counter-

Why s8r up a hornets

nest of reac8on to this
highly-charged issue of
your desire for more sex
and in8macy, when you
can simply begin doing
things, crea8ng a set of
new behaviors, that will
warm her to you and
open her heart to you.

Womens arousal starts

from the outside in,
from her heart and
brain rst. These
techniques, all
described in detail in
Revive Her Drive, will
begin to melt her to you
again with nary a


Your woman
will give you
points just
for trying

10 Ways To Give It To Her... (What She Really

Overcoming her resistance and regaining her
trust will allow you to transport her home to
the delights that shes dying to experience
deep underneath those layers of numbness.

According to Alton Barbour, author of

Louder Than Words: Nonverbal
Communica:on, the total impact of a
message breaks down like this:
7% verbal (words)

You can aect these changes through your

ac5ons, rather than words.

38% vocal (volume, pitch, rhythm, etc)

55% body movements (mostly facial


Stealth Techniques
She will thank you for this attention and
presence by warming to your affection
Personalize these concepts to your womans leader, she follows. Consider how your
needs and your desire.
previous ac8ons trained her away from
sensuality and your new behaviors, star8ng
They are listed in a helpful order. The rst
today, will train her toward her sensual self.
few are macro-concepts that give you a
#3 Reward any good behavior she exhibits
The next few are easy ideas to slip into your during this turn-around. Make a fuss over
daily interac8ons to get her star8ng to think even the smallest ac8on she takes that
about how sexy you are again.
pleases you. Remember you must ll her
back up again with posi8ve sen8ment about
The next couple are specic techniques that you, so pour on the apprecia8on, especially
work on every woman, because they are
for physical gestures of any kind.
based on our biological circuitry.
#4 Learn your mutual Rela5onship Values.
#1 Start by thinking, and truly believing,
When you ask her to tell you the top four
she is a sexual woman.
things that she wants out of a rela8onship,
and you share what you want in return, you
Pretend as if.
can start focusing on what moves her
needle, engendering more happiness for her
When you start with a posi8ve belief, you
and more condence in your ability to
will transmit it to her without words. So
please her. Soon, shell want to deliver on
forgive her and yourself for the past, star8ng your four top Rela8onship Values in return.
this second and with a clean slate, believe
This doesnt require rehashing past
that its possible to revive her drive.
resentments. Rather it turns over a new leaf
in your poten8al together.
#2 Remember that you train her with every Note: Revive Her Drive comes with a
ac5on. If she hasnt been your hot, sexy
complete Rela8onship Values Workbook.
babe for a while, you are on the road to
training her to be how you want. A womans
behavior is created by her mans behavior in
the context of a rela8onship. Youre the


Support her completely in exploring

her full femininity
#5 Look her in the eyes, o"en. Eye contact
will ground you two together again. Eye-
gazing, if you are willing to try it, will strip
away resentment and bring you closer by
revealing your vulnerability. Eye contact
cracks the hard shell of self-protec8on we
arm ourselves with.
#6 Reawaken her to her sensual self. Taste,
touch, smell, sound, visuals, intui8on,
propriocep8on (where you body and her
body are in space can be very sexy) even the
sense of how her body feels inside to her
(8ngly?) can be awakened.

#7 Learn how to run a menu of Small Oers

to which shell excitedly say, yes! Small
Oers are one of the Four Keys to Seduc5on
that create your winning framework for
seduc8on success.

Revival, youll be the Captain of her

transport unit. Strap in!
#10 When you learn to Match and Mirror
Her Cues, she will nally feel like you get
her in a way shes never been go]en
before. (You can be ber-eec8ve at this
amazing technique.) When you mirror back
to her, just how she likes her interac8on,
shell cleave to you more deeply.



#8 Learn to Claim Her with these private

physical moments that will light her up
again like when you were rst da5ng. These
are so hot, she will not be able to resist you.
#9 Your woman wants you to Transport Her
to a safe place where she can surrender to
her sensual self. That safe place is in her
mind. Once you know the 4 Elements to


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By Susan Bratton

All of this material and another 10 more stealth
techniques can be found within the Revive Her
Drive program in full detail, including the
Rela>onship Values Workbook, the ebooks and
audio interviews including:
Sustaining A,rac/on - John Alanis

Life in Lubbock, Texas, taught

me two things: One is that God
loves you and you're going to
burn in hell. The other is that

Lifelong Passion - Alex Allman

sex is the most awful, filthy

Sexual S/cking Points - David Van Arrick

thing on earth and you should

Ejaculatory Choice - Des/n Gerek

Ero/c Communica/on - Adam Gilad

save it for someone you love.

Dance of Polarity - Chris/an Hudson

Masterful Lover Manifesto - David Shade

Butch Hancock

Ero/c Adventures - Tallulah Sulis

4 Keys to Seduc/on - Dr. PaK Taylor
Seduc/on Integrity - Karen Brody

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Alpha Masculinity - Carlos Xuma

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For women
the best
are words.
The G-Spot
is in the
ears. He
who looks
for it below
there is
was>ng his