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Executive summary/ Abstract

Comparative analysis of private sector banks in UAE

Citibank UAE is the branch of Citibank situated in the United Arab Emirates. Citibank
UAE was set up in 1964, when Citibank opened its first branch in Dubai. Citi has
been available in the Middle East district for over 50 years principally through
Citibank. The bank is specifically spoken to in primary markets including the UAE,
Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. It has
more than 3,000 workers and in addition 30 branches and workplaces in the district.
Over the area, the bank offers a scope of corporate account administrations
including securitization, extend and organized exchange fund, syndication, and
admonitory. Citi has won a few grants for money administration and exchange
administrations, remote trade items, portfolio items, capital markets essential and
optional and Corporate Finance. The main objective is to analyze and understand
various process of banks in UAE. Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the
region, was formed on 16th of October 2007 when the shares of Emirates NBD were
officially listed on the Dubai Financial Market. The Emirates NBD 2007 merger
between Emirates Bank International and the National Bank of Dubai, became a
regional consolidation blueprint for the banking and finance sector as it combined
the second and fourth largest banks in the United Arab Emirates to form a banking
champion capable of delivering enhanced value across corporate, retail, private,
Islamic and investment banking throughout the region. The method used for
calculating the banks balance sheet, cash flow and income statement by
calculating the ratios and comparing both banks with their values and calculating
the performance of both the banks.