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NP Madonna
The importance of the medication review paid off in a significant
manner for this member.
He had a history of coronary artery disease and angina for which
his cardiologist prescribed nitroglycerin.
Separately, his primary care provider prescribed for him a generic
form of Cialis.
If the two are taken within 48 hours of one another, the member
would risk the potential side effects of severe hypotension,
syncope and possible heart attack.
I explained the risk to the member and told him to discuss these
two medications with both of his doctors. He said no one had
given him this information and was grateful for the visit.
I contacted his primary care providers office and alerted them to
the potential drug interaction. I got a call back from the office at
the end of the day thanking me for the information as they were
unaware the member was prescribed nitroglycerin. They said
going forward, they will have him bring all of his medication in for