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Green Construction
The construction industry plays an important role in a country. In Mauritius, the construction
industry contributed over Rs18 billion in 2010 (CS0, 2010). However it is likely to have negative
impacts on the environment, such as dust pollution, depletion of natural resources and soil
erosion. As stated by Chin (2005, cited in Abidin 2009, p. 421), the environment must not be
sacrificed for economic benefits. Green construction can be a solution.
It involves the development of products and systems which have the least ecological footprint on
the environment from production to waste disposal, through transportation, installation, use
and renewal. Moreover, the construction industry is the largest energy consuming sector and
energy efficiency throughout the process is of utmost importance as it allows efficient use of
resources and it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions (, n.d.).
Examples of such products and systems are plastic insulators and air conditioning system