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Engine Cooling IZI (5)

Question 249 (in database)

To work at its highest efficiency, the engine:
a) needs to be at the highest temperature consistent with saf e operation.
b) oil system must constantly be supplied with hot oil.

US~9h altitude to take advantage of the coo~ effect of the atmosphere.

d) needs to be at the I: west re';p:atur consistent with safe operation.
lJ - \,.,.. o...
The correct answer is a.
c) must be

Question 247 (in database)

Of the heat released during the operation of a piston engine:
a) approximately

70 , is retained within the engine itself.

b) approximatel y 30% IS converted nlOruseful power.

ll- ,",u'"

cl approximately 70% leaves with the exhaust gas

d l approximatel y 70% is usefully transformed into power.
The corre ct answer is b.
Question 250 (in database)
a) are placed within the lubrication system to slow down the passage of oil into the engine.
b) reduce the flow of air around the engine.
c) are

directio~af~. , ~ des which direct the air1low ully arouQS,..the cylinder.


f air around the engine.
d) must be close fitting t o rea:tc(!
The correct answer is c.
Ij - 1

Question 251 (in database)

To assist in reducing the temperature of the engine:
a) the airspeed



b) the air/fuel mix re can be ri ~!nr~ GS

c) the cowl flaps can be closed.
d) the air/fuel mixture can be weakened.
The correct answer is b.
Question 248 (in database)
If the engine gets too hot, the mixture may ignite before the spark plug fires.
a) This is called d to?8tion.
b) The mixture shoulCl

weakered to


\;- "w

'st in cooling the engine.

c) The throttle should be opened to assist in cooling the engine.

d) This is called pre-ignition.
The correct answer is d.