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Engine Handling [21 (6)

Question 60 (in database)

Immediately after starting an aircraft engine, you must check the starter warning light.
If it is still illuminated you should:
a) monitor it for 30 seconds. If it remains illuminated shut down the engine .
b) shut down the e!l9ine
c) do nothing. The starter waming.light should stay on while ttie engine is running.
d) shut down the engine, coun
The correct answer is b.



to 30; ftie n attempt are-start.


Question 62 (in database)

While carrying out the Dead Cut Check, with the right magneto selected, you notice that the
engine falters, and you suspect it will stop running. What should you do?

a) Allow the englO to, stop completely.

b) Quickly switch

the len-ma~.!tY "AGS

c) Quickly switch to both magnetos.

d) Open the throttle to keep the engine running, then se ect both magnetos.
The correct answer is a.
Question 63 (in database)
The normal method for shutting down an aircraft engine is:
a) switching the starter switch to off.
b) moving the mixture to Idle Cut Off (ICO).
c) closing the throWe ,

d ) closing the Ihr~nd moving t

The correct answer is d.
IjQuestion 61 (in database)
How soon after starting a cold aircraft engine should the oil pressure gauge give an indication?
a) Immediately:; otherwise shut down the engine.
b) Within 30

s~s~ ~therwise
shut down the engine~,._~,,"

c) By the time pre-fl!ght cheCks~ ~f~J\jte ; otherwise shut down the engine.
d) It is not important, as long as the oil levels were at an adequate level before start-up, and
RPM is within limits. It is probable that the oil pr~re gBl!Qe is faultY and should be reported
after the flight.
The correct answer is b.

Question 64 (in database)

How should the throttle be operated on take olf?
a) Always open smoothly, to avoid "weak cut", allowing the engine to respond as fast as it is
able, and permitting the mixture-strength and charge quantity to change in line with the engine
b) Normally

s~ f but may be opened abrupUyj f severa,' ",_o.

c) Open smoothly. following a \j~ ~ rs e.

d) As required by the air tratric situation.
The correct answer is a.
Question 59 (in database)
Which of the following is an appropriate initial action to take if you have a carburettor fire on start
a) Deselect carburettor heat.
b) Select mixtu_

ol to Idle Cut Off (ICO).

c) Turn the starter SWltc to Off...d) All of the above.


(N.B. You must always refer to the Flight Referenc;.e Cards' for your aircraft to learn the correct
list of actions to take in the event of engine fire on the ground or in the air.)
The correct answer is b.