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RCW 36.70B.110
Poulsbo Place Division 8
Assisted Living and Independent Living
Master Plan Amendments and Site Plan Review
Type III Permit
Planning File Number:


Name of Applicant:

David Smith
Phase II LLC
P.O. Box 2879
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Applicants Representative: Ian Andersen

Rice Fergus Miller
275 5th Street, Suite 100
Bremerton, WA 98312
Date of Reissued Notice of Application:

May 20, 2016

Date Application was Determined Technically Complete: November 30, 2015

Date of Complete Application:

December 11, 2015

Description of Proposed Project: The proposed project has been modified since its initial submittal
in November 2015. The current proposal is for a 107 unit assisted living facility and 24 unit
independent living apartment units for a total of 131 new units, proposed at the final 2.2 acres
undeveloped portion of the Poulsbo Place Master Plan area. In order for the assisted living and
independent living apartments to be allowed as proposed, amendments to the Poulsbo Place
Redevelopment Master Plan must be adopted by the City Council.
Specifically, the details of the assisted living, independent living apartment units, and supporting
parking are as follows:
107 assisted living units at 105,000 square feet
24 independent living units at 25,250 square feet
4,250 square feet of retail commercial
145 parking spaces located in an underbuilding parking garage at 55,050 square feet
TOTAL proposed building square footage: 189,550 square feet
Urban plazas designed within sidewalk improvements: 6,200 square feet

Overall site landscaping: 19,129 square feet

Proposed building heights range from 10 at the lowest to 53 at the highest. The building is
comprised of four wings, and the average building height per wing is as proposed:
Wing A (northern segment, near Sunset/Jensen intersection): 25.68 in height
Wing B (eastern segment, 3rd Avenue): 40.63 in height
Wing C (southern segment, north of post office): 42.34 in height
Wing D (eastern segment, behind post office): 41.58 in height
Amendments to the Poulsbo Place Redevelopment Master Plan proposed by the applicant at this
time include:

Height Limitation: The Master Plan identifies a maximum 30 building height; the
proposed building in order to accommodate the proposed number of units and
underbuilding parking, proposes to increase the height to an average 45 for the portions of
the building where the underbuilding parking garage is to be located, and 35 for the
portion of the building where no parking garage is to be located.


Consider Assisted Living as Commercial Use: Of the remaining 2 acres left of the
Poulsbo Place Redevelopment Master Plan area, 1.14 acre of it is zoned commercial, and
under the master plan, was intended for retail, office, community entertainment, restaurants
and hotel/conference center. The applicant is requesting the City Council confirm the
proposed assisted living use as consistent with the master plans intent and purpose of
the commercial component.


3rd Floor Stepback Requirement: The Citys zoning ordinance requires for building
walls over 30 in height, to have a stepback of minimum of 8 on the floors above the
30. The applicant is requesting in the locations where their proposed building design
does not meet that requirement, that top floors occupying a dormer be considered an
alternative to the stepback requirement.


Lot Coverage: The applicant is requesting an amendment to the Master Plan establishing an
allowable building lot coverage of up to 75% of the subject site.

All the materials submitted by the applicant for the Poulsbo Place Division 8 Assisted Living and
Independent Living can be found at the following web link:
Site Description (Including zoning and nearest road intersections): The project site is within the
Poulsbo Place Master Plan area in downtown Poulsbo, and is located east of Jensen Way, south and
west of Sunset St, and north of Iverson Rd (excluding the existing U.S. Post Office). The tax parcel
ID #s are 142601-3-139-2007 and 142601-3-138-2008. There are two zoning designations for the
project site: the 1.14 acre parcel located at the corner of Sunset and Jensen is zoned Commercial-1
(C-1), and the 1.06 parcel located along Sunset (behind the post office) is zoned Residential High
(RH). Both parcels have a Master Plan zoning overlay, indicating they are subject to the conditions

and approval of the Poulsbo Place Redevelopment Master Plan.

Project Permits Included with Application: The application includes a request to amend the Poulsbo
Place Redevelopment Master Plan, and a site plan application for the assisted living facility and
independent living units.
Further Studies Being Required by Applicable Official: None identified at this time; however the
City may request additional studies as part of its technical review of the proposed project.
Other Permits Not Included in Application: Building permit.
Existing Environmental Documents which Evaluate Proposed Project: A SEPA checklist has
been submitted for this project, preliminary storm drainage report and a traffic study.
Public Comment Period: The public is encouraged to comment on this application, and the
minimum public comment period is 14 calendar days, which is June 3, 2016. However, public
comments will be accepted up to and any time prior to the closing of the public hearing.
Public comments should be as specific as possible and submitted to the City as early in the
review of the application as possible. Public comments may be mailed, emailed, personally
delivered or faxed to the City:
Mail and physical location: 200 NE Moe Street | Poulsbo, WA 98370
Email: plan&
Fax: (360) 697-8269
Review Authority: The Poulsbo Planning Commission will review the application and make a
recommendation to the Poulsbo City Council. The Poulsbo City Council is the review authority
and will make the decision for the master plan amendments and site plan application.
Tentative Public Hearing Date: A public hearing has not yet been scheduled. When a public
hearing date is identified, a public hearing notice will be issued by the City and will be
distributed per the standard public noticing requirements, as well as to all parties who request
receiving the notice.
Staff Report Availability: The staff report will be available for review at no cost at least seven
calendar days prior to the Planning Commission meeting.
Examination of File and Staff Contact: The application file may be examined at the Planning
Department, Poulsbo City Hall from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Please contact
Karla Boughton, Senior Planner, at (360) 394-9748 or, to arrange
a time to examine the file or for further information.