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KARMA ‘ Words and Music by KERRY BROTHERS, JR., ALICIA KEYS and TANEISHA SMITH Moderately slow Dm Weren't you the one that said that you don’t want me an - ‘And when you came home you'd. al - ways have some sor- ry ex - cuse, — 10 and how— you need_ your space, and give the key back to your door? and ex = plain-in’___ “to. me,___— like 'm—_ just. some. kind of a _fool. — 1 cried. and and tried to make. you stay with me. ri -ficed. the T want = ed to “do things for you. — 7 that love. was gone and that Thad to leave. __ to do forme, you nev- er come through. — Both times: (Now But still But when it’s {talk - in? "bout a fam - i- ty.) (wan-na be a part of me._ J = & { say- in’ 1 com- plete your dream.— } have so much to say to me.__ J = & say~ in’ Pm your ev - “ry- thing. wan-na make time forme. what you say to me, you're con fus - in’ me. don't play with me, "Cause, Dm Eg What goes_ a - round comes a= round what goes. up, must come = — 1 re-mem-ber when I was sit- tin’ home alone, wait-in’ for you “til three o'-clock in the mom, 1B re-mem-ber when 1 was sit- tin’ home alone, wait-in’ for you ‘tl three o’-clock in. the morn, Dmg a hight af ter night, know-in’ some-thin’ go in’ on, Was-n't home be-fore 1 be go- in’, go- in’ gone. Lont knows, it was-n't eas - y, be-lieve me, ev-er thought you'd be the one that would de-ceive nev-er do what you sup-posed to do. No meed to hose me, fool, “cause I'm 0 = ver you. "Cause 4 = & round comes — {Now who's ery back to me?__ down) | ies called ——— a round, (1, 2)0What = round comes— a SS to come back 10 me. 5 Dm a down.) Now who's cry -