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Words and Music by ALICIA KEYS Slowly chin ig Spoken: Hell-o! My goodness. I didn't know I was here, Do you know my name? a a cmp A oe? Gksus G7 EB & = o Spoken: (It ain't goin’ wrong when you try. Abways got to try. no matter how long that shit take, cm otipt cém Fem E i“ = & yeah, yeah, Whatever stops you from dreaming, “©2001 EM APRIL MUSIC INC. and LLLOW PRODUCTIONS Aailtight Conte and Administered by EM APRIL MUSTCINC [ARights Reserved International Cope Secured Used by Permiion| B B =z Ee] whatever tries to stop you from living, Welcome “eause right now what I have to dois, I've gotta amp myself up as well as you. So yeah, so what it 100k me, Em OE = a like, maybe nwo years and shit but Pm feeling prepared, you know what I'm saying, 3 sry Em CE EE E ‘and P'm feeling a litle more ready for the world, and less lost, as I once was, Em a ‘So come on, what you waiting on? . fll me, 3