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1. Definite Article or Zero Article?
1. .. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
2. Be careful with that! It's made of ..... glass.
3. .. honesty and truthfulness are always to be preferred to . deceit and ..
4. We usually have . dinner at seven o'clock.
5. They went to London by . plane.
6. Most wedding rings are made of ..... gold.
7. Bees make ..... honey.
8. Some children in Africa have never seen ..... snow.
9. When are you going to return ..... money I gave you last week?
In my opinion ..... wine they produce in France is not as good as it was.
We need ..... new furniture. These chairs are getting very shabby.
2. Definite Article or Zero Article?
1. I have two cars: . Ford is white and .. Audi is silver.
2. It is unlikely .. Queen of Denmark has ever swum in .. Bay of Bengal.
3. We are going to see my cousins on .. Sunday.
4. That was an important day in history.
5. Of all sports ..... tennis is my favourite.
6. I like eating . Italian food but I can't stand going to . Italian restaurant near my
7. cinema was invented by . Lumiere brothers in Lyon.
8. I heard the news on . BBC. It was on . 6.00 News.
9. I work in . banking. I work in . City of London.
I'm going to . bank. I'm going to .. LLoyd's Bank.
At ............. Christmas I always eat a lot of traditional food.
3. Definite Article or Zero Article?
1. Do you like ..... beer? - No, I don't drink any alcohol.
2. Vegetarians don't eat ..... meat.
3. . kangaroo is found only in Australia
4. What did we do to communicate before invention of . fax machine?
5. We need to save tiger. It is under attack by .. man.
6. I think .. exporters should get more help from .. Government.
7. ............. giraffes have got ............. long necks.
8. One of marvels of modern science is . computer.
9. .. wolves are really dangerous animals.
10. . hearts pump blood around bodies.
11. .. bananas make excellent snacks.
4. Definite Article or Zero Article?
1. ............. Earth has got one ............. moon.
2. She is .. prettiest actress of all.
3. I cant play ............. violin.
4. He is . tallest boy in the class.
5. We dont know enough about impact of pesticides on . Environment.
6. Its . 1st of July, my birthday!
7. I just love sky today. It is so bright and no clouds around!

8. It is . oldest building in the town.

9. One of .. problems that many golfers have is .. tendency to hit ..
ground before hitting .. ball.
The sinking of .. Titanic was .. most tragic part of the story.
5. Definite Article or Zero Article?
Hi John,
I arrived in USA last Monday. We left Rome, flew over Alps and made a
quick stop in London. There we went shopping at Harrods, visited
Tower and enjoyed a sunny afternoon in Hyde Park. On the following day we
left for New York. time on board wasn't boring as there were two films to
watch on monitor. people on plane were all Italian. Before we landed
at JFK airport, we saw Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Empire State
Building. hotel I stayed in was on corner of 42nd Street and 5th
Avenue. I don't like hotels very much, but I didn't have time to rent an
Please say hello to Peter and Mandy.
6. Use the following idioms with the definite article to complete the sentences.
get to the point, at the present time, at the moment, by the way, at the beginning, at the
end, at the latest, at the same time, at the scene of, do the dishes

1. His name was mentioned . of the story.

2. The index is . of the book.
3. Be at the train station by five o'clock . .
4. I don't have a job . .
5. I can pay fifty dollars . .
6. He couldn't be in two places . .
7. He was seen . of the accident.
8. . , where is my book?
9. Please . after dinner.
10. Let's . .
7. Use the following idioms with the definite article to complete the sentences.
live in the city, in the end, in the morning, in the beginning, in the evening, go to the
cinema, in the center, in the face of, in the middle, make the bed

1. How often do you ?

2. , the story was rather dull.
3. You see a house . of the picture and several trees in the background.
4. .. , they got what they deserved.
5. He continued his work . danger. So brave!
6. The mark is . the book.
7. Of course we have dinner . ! Every evening!
8. He . Oh, the daily traffic to work! Nightmare!
9. See you .. . Dont be late!
10. She . in the bedrooms.
8. Use the following idioms with the definite article to complete the sentences.

on the right, off the point, on the one hand, on the point of, on the other hand, on the
whole, on the way to, on the radio, on the alert, on the move, on the phone


This question is . Lets get back to the subject.

He is always .. .
His house is the one . On the left lives an old lady.
He is always .., never staying more than a month in one place.
., I don't want to go there. , I want to talk to Mike, and he will
be there.
6. They are .. breaking up.
7. I heard it . .
8. She is talking to her sister.
9. We stopped several times . the summer house.
10. . , your plan seems interesting.
9. Use the following idioms with the definite article to complete the sentences.
play the guitar, tell the truth, under the influence, the point to, tell the difference, see the
point, out of the question, tell the time, the other day, under the weather

1. It is . Youre not going to the concert.

2. Can you ?
3. Can you . me ..? I forgot my watch.
4. He you .. yesterday.
5. I talked to Maria .
6. He was driving . of alcohol.
7. I'm feeling a little today.
8. I dont in telling her about it. She will get sad for sure.
9. Can you me . between till and until?
10. What is . all this discussion?


1. Use the following idioms with the indefinite article to complete the
a lot of , do a favour, as a matter of fact, as a whole, at a time, for a long time, all of a
sudden, at a glance, a grain of truth, a ride, as a result of, a slip of the tongue, as a rule, a
pretty penny

1. There is .. in his words.

2. He has .. problems.
3. Sometimes, can lead to
serious things.
4. .., she jumped to her feet
and ran out of the room.
5. . , he is broke. So he cant help
6. All this happened his
7. ., he goes for a walk before

8. We should consider these issues

.. .
9. He understood what was
going on there.
10. Don't hurry and don't try to do
two things . .
11. Their new car cost . .
12. Can you me .. ?
13. I haven't seen her .. .
14. Can you give me to the

15. 2. Use the following idioms with the indefinite article to complete the
16. a headache, in a few, a bit of time, a problem with, a good time, a few, an appointment,
in a hurry, a living , a cold, a fortune, a ten-minute, a walk, in a year

1. He went for two hours ago in the forest.
2. He has .. . Dont sit near him.
3. Did you have .. at the party?
4. I have .. . Can you please keep it quiet?
5. She has mathematics.
6. I'm . Ill call you later and well talk.
7. I'll be free . minutes.
8. He'll come back . He put all his stuff in storage.
9. She makes by selling flowers from her garden.
10. He made .. in oil.
11. I'd like to make . with a doctor.
12. We spent quite ...... trying to find the key.
13. There were quite .. people there.
14. Let's take . break.
3. Fill with the missing words the incomplete idioms:


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