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Teacher: Mrs.

Grade Level: 1st grade

Subject Area: measuring

Length of Lesson: about 45 minutes(maybe less)

Desired Results
Indiana Academic Standard(s)
M.1 Use direct comparison or a nonstandard unit to compare and order objects
according to length, area, capacity, weight, and temperature.

Enduring Understandings

Essential Question(s)

How to use objects, their feet, to measure

other things

Are our measurements going to be different?

Why will they be different?

How to compare the sizes of two objects

Differences between one persons
measurement and their own
Knowledge and Skill Objectives

Will I understand the basic measuring


SWBAT Learn how to effectively measure an object and compare the sizes of two objects
Example: the length of a chair and their desk, the desk is going to be longer in length
Assessment Evidence
The lesson involved the students being able to understand how to measure. I was able
to guide, or see their knowledge with this by watching them measure things around the
Learning Plan
Learning Activities
I read a book, The Foot Book, by Dr. Seuss. Then afterwards I had them trace their feet and
get into partners. I had a worksheet made for them to fill out what object they measure and
how many of their feet it took to measure that object. This was just to show them basic
measuring because Mrs. Johnson is going to go more in depth with measuring later. The y
needed to learn when measure line up the end of the object with the end of the ruler, or in this
case the end of their foot.

Resources and Materials

The Foot Book, paper, scissors, pencils, the worksheet I made, and things for them to measure
Required Accommodations/Modifications
I was going to have them label the feet left and right, but the students were having trouble
identified which foot was their left and which was their right

Name: Kylie Matusiewicz

Date: March 10 Period:7

Lesson Plan Evaluation & Teaching Reflection

Was the content worth knowing? Support your response.

Yes, when it comes time for them to take their end of the year test this information will be easy to
recall in their mind compared to learning a lesson and doing a packet over it. The kids took part
and initiative in their learning. This activity also just introduces the basics in measuring

Describe how the activity was developmentally appropriate.

The lesson was not very difficult, they had not measured before so I had to made sure that the
numbers(inches and centimeters) were not involved. Just comparing the size of their foot with
objects then using their feet to measure the objects. The lesson had to be simplified from funding
exact measurement like you would with a ruler.
Give an example of how you know the activity was interesting to the children.
The kids were able to take part in the activity, having a hands on learning experience will be easier
to remember than just listening to me talk about it in class.
Describe how the activity included opportunities for the children to test their knowledge.
I had them work in partners for this activity, the children were not able to write down sneers until
both agreed with the answer. At the end of the lesson we had a discussion about what they
measured and how differed with each group and each student. Lastly they measure me with their
feet to see the difference between using Mrs.Johnsons feet and using a students feet.

Describe a follow up activity that would build on concepts you have presented.
Learning to measure with an actual ruler would be the next step, they will learn what inches are
used inches when measuring items. This could be as simple as having a ruler with only inches on it
and measuring their paper. They would need to lead about centimeters just yet because they
aren't going to be tested on centimeters.

What behavior(s) did you observe while presenting the activity? What do you think caused
the behavior(s)?
The kids were very talkative, this was because they were in partners all around the room and the
were doing a fun activity.
How did you involve the children in the closure of the activity?
The children had a fun activity after learning about measuring, plus they are having a Dr. Seuss
carnival about a week and this activity was surrounding Dr. Seuss which excited them about their
Describe what changes you would make and what you would keep the same if you
presented the activity again.
I would have set aside certain items for them to measure, it was kind of a free for all because the

kids were measuring everything and anything around the room.