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FHS 1500

Ashlee Cravens
Observation #3 Middle school years
Age: 10
Name: Mason, Lucas and James
Location: neighbor
Description: While watching my 3 neighbor boys play (all within a year apart) I
noticed that there is an alpha. They were playing outside on a nice day.

Physical Development:
Mason is the alpha male. He is the tallest out of the three children. He is also the
oldest, which apparently makes him superior. At this age, children should grow
around 2 inches or more every year! (Berger,2014, p.244) Mason is also the most
physically fit. The entire time all he did was constantly run. He had told me that it is
his favorite thing to do, run.
He has a healthy BMI of 19.9. The other children looked to be overweight. I asked
them each what they did at recess, this is what they responded with: James said I
play on my phone, Lucas says I play clash of clans with my buddies, I play kick
ball or play pass with the football usually. Was masons response. To me it sounds
like mason is the most productive at recess. A study was taken of 10,000 3 rd
graders and found out that one third of them spend less than 15 minutes of their
days with active play. (berger,2014, p.246) Lucas has a couple health problems,
obesity and asthma. Obesity leads to asthma and multiple other issues with the
body. It is important to always take care of our bodies. Obese children tend to not
move on to college, marry or find jobs that reflect their abilities. (berger,2014,
The best part of my observation is when the boys started to compare who had the
longest armpit hair, mason.

Cognitive development:
These boys are very intelligent yet immature. They loved telling me about
everything they were learning but once they got to health, that was a joke. They are
going through puberty so they are just now learning about how everything works
and thinks its funny.
What I really liked was that my observation ended with masons mother calling him
inside to read because he is supposed to read for 30 minutes every night. This will
help him in the long run with memory and paying attention. Selective attention is a
milestone for this age. (Berger,2014, p.256)

Mason is a Latino boy. His parents speak fluent Spanish and no English. His first
language is Spanish and is recently been picking up on English. He doing an
amazing job. He speaks better English than the other two boys. Mason is in a ESL
class. That is a class teaching English in which all children who do not speak English
are placed together in an intensive course to learn basic English so they can be
educated in the same classroom as native English speakers. (Berhers,2014, p.261)

Social Development:
Its pretty obvious that mason doesnt have a hard time making friend, but I know
that Lucas has been getting bullied. While observing I watched as James constantly
was picking on Lucas. I had to step in a few times to tell him to quit. I could see that
it brought down Lucass self-esteem every time. Lucas was being verbally abused
and occasionally physically. The key work in the definition of bullying is repeated.
(Berger, 2014 ,p.307)
James has low self-esteem too. His parents neglect him. He feels rejected and lashes
out at others to make himself feel better. Mason does a great job making sure they
both at least try to get along. He there to support both of them with their issues.
While I was watching, James got a call from his mother. After she yelled at him for
several minutes, mason went and gave him a hug shortly after. In that moment
Mason had a moment of post conventional moral reasoning. By being the happy
medium between James and Lucas, he obeyed social rules because they benefit
everyone and established by mutual agreement. (Berger, 2014,p.310)
Berger, K.S. (2014). Invitation to the life span (2 nd ed.). New York, NY: Worth