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Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, owned by ARCH, tells the story of Kuala Lumpur through photos,

prints and miniatures. Located right in the historical enclave of Independence Square (Dataran
Merdeka), Kuala Lumpur, the gallery welcome 2000 international visitors daily!
The highlight is The Spectacular City Model Show, the largest and first of such kind in Malaysia !
The massive model measures an incredible 40ft x 50ft (12m x 15m), which showcases the citys
past, present and future through a light and sound presentation!
Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is a must stop for everyone who wants to explore 360 of Kuala
Lumpur! It serves as a Tourist Information Centre, where visitors can get a free copy of the
Kuala Lumpur Walks & Tours Map and learn about Old Kuala Lumpur through prints, photos
and architectural miniature models.
The iconic I KL structure, created with passion for the city, is a bit hit among visitors who love
to pose at it! The overnight popularity of the icon has led ARCH to successfully patent the
symbol and create the I KL range of Original Merchandise.
Before leaving, savour the finest traditional Malaysian delicacies and deliciously home-made
recipes served at the ARCH Caf.