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Lesson Plan

6th June 2014

Key Learning Area:


Lesson Topic:
Multiplication (arrays) Assessment

Time: 15 minutes


Recent Prior Experience (specific relevant concepts, skills and values the school students have experienced prior to this lesson):
ES1 outcomes, previous multiplication lessons, creating arrays, multiplication mind map, language

Syllabus Outcome(s):
One or two only. Please note the
syllabus reference number AND write
out in full.

Indicators of Learning for this lesson:

Behaviours that contribute toward achievement of
outcome(s). Quote syllabus numbers. Must be clear,
specific, observable. Curriculum Content Strands may be
used as headings.

Strategies which will be used to assess learners
attainment of learning outcomes. Should be linked
to each learning indicator.

NS 1.3
Uses a range of mental strategies
and concrete materials for
multiplication and division.

By the end of this lesson, the students will:

Any safety issues to be


List resources you used in preparing the lesson AND those used in the lesson implementation.


describe collections of objects as rows of or groups of

use an array to model multiplication problems
use counting strategies to find the total number of
objects e.g. rhythmic counting, repeated addition


T observations
T analyse Ss recordings
T record anecdotal notes were Ss able to
count counters, able to make array, able to
verbalise array and able to write number

Lesson Content / Indicators of

Learning (What is Taught):
Note key skills, concepts and values
addressed in each section. Link to your
Indicators of Learning.


Set expectations (behaviour)

Explain what we are learning today

1 mins

Teaching Strategies / Learning Experiences:

(How it is taught)
Write detailed steps showing what the teacher (T) will do
and what students (Ss) will do.

T says
In this lesson we you are going to show me what you
know about making an array and writing a number

Resources and Organisation:

In todays lesson, you will need to be responsible for

your learning by getting all your must dos done.

Ss- sits at desk, next to

someone who is not going to
distract them.
T to set up a must do station
with counters, workbooks and

Multiplication Mind Map

1 mins

T to remind Ss about Multiplication Mind Map

Mind Map

Main Activity


T says to Ss You have 15 counters on the table. I want

you to make one array with all of the counters then write
a number sentence to explain your array.

T praise Ss for participation and

having a go.
T to praise for good behaviour to
encourage participation.

Ss attempt to make their own array, using all 15

counters. Ss then record their number sentences in their
Differentiation Ss use 10 counters (Elwyn, Sye, Casey
and Kiara)

2 mins

What did you find hard today and why?

T praise Ss for participation and

using mathematical language
and thinking.