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There are certain things which cant be explained in words, they can only be felt and
that too deep inside the heart, of being an outsider. An outsider is someone who is
not part of the event in any way, I was an outsider that in my own life, my life seen
from my own perspective was like a motion picture being played. I was merely an
observer of the things going on. I could neither participate nor modify the events
going on around. It was like a thin film which might just crash down in front of my
eyes, if I would just touch it. And, I didnt. Things were just going on and on with
neither my intervention nor my support.
I do not know that for how long this has been going on, it seems only like yesterday
that I have realized the fact of being here in middle of all this chaos. I do not know
how have I contributed to all this to bring this to this present state. I mustve have
done something serious to make all this happen, to set this all in motion in first
place. And now its going on following Newtons first law, with no opposition from
any direction.
Im not sure that if I just step aside from all this, will this continue it like the way it is
now, or will it all come to halt. Im not sure, Im not sure of anything.


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