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Classma Hero




Maddie G

Rubin Carter

Hand wrote the code that took us to the moon, ever really
received credit
Police hated him
Born into poverty
Attempted to stab a man at age 12
because the man was trying to molest his friend
Jail ruined his boxing career
Spent his whole time in jail focusing on
religion and education
Other people's Racial profiling the only
reason he was in prison
Devoted the rest of his life to the
innocence movement
Passed away from cancer a few years ago



Attacked by shark
Surfs with one arm
Surfing since she was very little
Won competitions after this
Surfed with one arm and pregnant



Invented Hot Cheetos

Broke rule by talking to manager


Michael Chang


Angela Markel

Born in poverty
Spoke no English, went to English school without
understanding anything
Whites and Mexicans separated at lunch
Started selling burritos at school, after he felt left
since everyone else had sandwiches
Dropped out
Got job as a janitor, took it very, very seriously and
made the floors spotless.
Invented hot cheetos after being told to act like a
P.H.D. Poor, hungry, determined

If you could sit down with enemies and get to kno

them, you might not be enemies anymore
Berlin Wall
People came and tore down the wall by hand
Angela Markel chairwoman of democratic party in
Germany at the time of the wall's tear down
Signed treaties to break down barriers between
Germany and India
First minimum wage


Nancy Pelosi

Sabrina K



Bob Marley


Eugene Lazowski


Frida Kahlo


John Nash

Led the way in environmental protection, Germany

actually reaching some of the goals
Unemployment has gone down despite the world
economic crisis
First Italian American to hold that seat
Didn't want to be a public figure, but did so after
her friend was going to die of cancer and asked her to take
her seat
Wrote Know Your Power to communicate to
women and girls that they have more power than they
Went door to door to homes of ppl who didn't
want to get vaccinated
Started having women be the volunteers
providing vaccines because she thought people would trust
them more than men
These volunteers are often murdered by Taliban
Doesn't want police escorts because it's more
intimidating for patients
Still living in shacks there
Moved to Trenchtown
Continued performing after being diagnosed with
Came from extreme poverty
Hid Jews during Holocaust
Started tricking Nazis into thinking people were
sick in a certain camp
Nazis got so scared that they went away from
this camp forever, 800 people were saved
"what can I do so that history doesn't repeat
Had polio at 6 years old, right leg affected, wore
skirts to cover it, participated in lots of physical activity
while recovering
Had bus crash, painted from hospital bed
Had to wear braces and stuff to fix her hip and
Her and her husband "you're the best artist in
the world, no you're the best artist in the world"
Divorced and remarried
Went to Carnegie and Princeton
Very smart, Awkward socially and hard to
interact with
Diagnosed with schizophrenia
Got insulin injections to help with the


Madame C.J.


Magda Schaloum


Pastor Lee Jongrak





Didn't want to take other meds b/c they

interfered with his thinking, constant struggle between him
and his family
Well-known for Game Theory - part of
mathematics that works with competitive strategies
Got Nobel Prize for it
First in her family to be born free
Both parents died when she was 7
Started losing her hair, not a lot of solutions so
she started making her own systems
Came up with a product that worked
Only used black women to sell her product b/c at
that time there weren't many jobs black women were
allowed to do
Door to door service
Empowered black women
Helped black women start their own businesses
First woman millionaire
Her hairline is still out in stores
In Auschwitz at age 22
Parents and younger sister eliminated
At this camp a leader told her that if she ever
got a minute she should take it to sit down, so she did once
and she got caught and beaten
Always prayed before she ate
Moved to another concentration camp - Krakow
Has helped people understand the importance of
always having something to believe in
Baby box - you can leave babies to be taken and
cared for by someone else
Operates a baby box in his church. Ppl before
that just left babies on the doorstep, he didn't want them
to be cold.
Started very casually, grew
Led ambushes to neighboring tribes while he
was growing up
Lost son in battle, not the same afterward
His clan upset with him after Squamish got land
Started Yakima Indian War
A lot of sacrifice involved in how Seattle became
Civil War in Sierra Leone
Born during war, parents killed by rebels, she
was in orphanage
Has vitelligo, where skin patches get discolored


Ritchie Valens

Died in plane crash at 17
Shy dancer
Flies an airplane

Jessica Cox


Nicki Minaj

Audre Lorde

Mexican-American song artist

Came from small town near California-Mexico

Sabrina P


Because of her skin problem, she was considered

by the orphanage as the devil's child
During her time at the orphanage she found a
dance magazine and was inspired
Started taking ballet when she moved to
Adopted with another girl

Writes songs about subjects many people are

afraid to talk about, like abortion
Tries to inspire people she influences
Grew up in aftermath of Great Depression
Legally blind as a child
"Black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet"
Rocky relationship with both parents
"Your silence will not protect you
Breast cancer, 14-year remission, liver cancer
"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is
self-preservation, and that is an act of political welfare"
Gave a voice to people who did not have one,
especially to black women
"I feel, therefore I can be free."

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