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CAS Activity Proposal Form

Student name: Angelica Deralda
Proposed activity: Writing Poetry
Date of starting: 15 January 2016
Day: Friday
Approximate time: 2 hours
Name of Adult leader (supervisor): Odillia Nancy
Contact detail: +6285881111975


Please comment on how this activity will help you to achieve the Learning Outcomes as IB
CAS requirement?
Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth
I have been very keen to poetry lately, and furthermore, awed. Old movies also inspires me to
write poetry, as I saw it as a chance to deliver my emotions and what Ive been feeling inside
or going through, with words. I am very intrigued in writing poetry as I would create what I
think is an art, which consists of very carefully chosen words, rhymes, and such, that are used
to help explain what I am trying to say, and or feel inside. By doing so, it is a win-win
situation, in which I could express what I feel inside or think through words, and at the same
time producing what I perceive as art.
Planned and initiated activities
This poetry writing would be done on Friday as I finish school at from 6 PM to 9:30 PM. I would
go to a caf to find inspiration or get the feeling from the atmosphere of the place, or just stay
at my room. After I am done writing the poetry, or if I have things to discuss about it, I would
talk it out with my supervisor.
Showing perseverance and commitment
I would be committed to this activity as I find it crucial to express what I feel inside, and that it
is a bad thing to keep everything inside. By writing poems to let what I think or feel inside, I
would turn whatever it is I think or feel into a positive thing, as I see it as an art, which I would
love to read each time, and also which I would love to share with others.
Undertaking new challenges
I have always loved to write journals, like my very own diary, to write what I feel. However, I
have never written poetries to deliver those things that I feel inside. Therefore, I have found a
challenge in doing so, which is writing poetries to deliver what I feel inside or think.
Developing new skills
The skills that I would have to acquire here is how to write the poems. This includes rhyming,
metaphors and simile, the choosing of the right words, etc. I would also have to choose a
theme as poems have different theme for each, and so I would then have to also choose the
right words to make it fit into the certain theme. This theme that is chosen would also have to
be able to be communicated well and effectively to the readers to get the feeling, and
understanding of the poem.

Activity Leader:
This student has given me the letter providing information about this CAS program. I am
aware of the need for evaluation and am willing to provide this.
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