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Downtown Albuquerque

2nd St. & Tijeras - walk of shame as designed by APD

Civic Plaza (private)

Location of Trump Rally Protest

Location of Trump Rally Entrance

Walk of shame as designed by APD

Riot Ponies
Pedestrian and road closures
by APD

by APD
Police Staging

Citezens against TRUMP

I think our biggest concern is just the sheer number of people that will be influxing into downtown Albuquerque, APD
Public Information Officer Tanner Tixier said.
APD will be monitoring social media, working with other law enforcement agencies, and closing various roads to keep
everything under control. Officers want to urge people planning on heading out to come early. (KOB)
Nowhere to go! Horses introduce onto plaza to disperse crowd, but the crowd was essentially trapped and subsequently,
the less able-bodied protester were trampled by APDs horses.
APD needs better horsemanship training and better qualified riders. Multiple occasions of the riders inability to control their
mounts exist on film.
Peacekeepers asked APD to shut the walk of shame down...several times. Request was ignored. Near the end of the rally, a couple
of sane and reasonable bike patrol officers agreed to help head off the walk of shame and redirected Trump supporters around
the large crowd that had gathered to say NO to Trumps hate and offensive language.

2nd St. & Tierjas - Citizens dispersed...but no where to go


The excitement caused by the so-called walk of shame ended

once most of the Trump supporters were inside and the rally had
begun. Soon after, the crowd began to meander closer to the
building and onto the plaza area near the main entrance to the
rally. The malcontent and displeasure for Trumps hate speech
and his supporters was tangible. APD determined the crowd was
unlawfully assembled and began to move in to disperse people.
They moved from the west, pushing people east and ordering
people to move to the south. The east is essentially a dead end
and the southern egress was blocked by barriers placed earlier by
APD to protect the venders hawking Trump paraphernalia as well
as a substantial crowd that had gathered. The people being
forced to disperse had nowhere to go. WHO PLANNED THAT?

2nd St. &Tijeras - walk of shame and pedestrian closures