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Character Archetypes - The Sun


Japan: The sun goddess for Japan is Amaterasu. She is the central
deity of the Shinto tradition. She created the other gods and what
they wore.

China: Xihe is a sun goddess and one of the wives of Emperor Jun,
the most mighty God of them all. Not much is told about Xihe.
Alan Aguilar

Situational Archetype - The

Creation Myth

Japan: In the beginning, there was nothing but liquid. The

universe was shapeless and formless. Suddenly, it started to
separate and lift. From the pure liquid, Heaven was formed.
The dark and impure sludge created Earth.
China: There was only an egg in the universe. In that egg, was
the Deity Pan Gu. When Pan Gu broke out of the egg.The
shells created Heaven and Earth.

Alan Aguilar

Symbolic Archetype - Haven vs.

gods in Takamagahara needed to send some people
to fix the chaos on Earth. Izanagi and Izanami, the youngest
and fairest, were voted to go. With a spear given to them by a
powerful god, they went to fulfill their mission.

Character Archetype- Hero

China- Monk Ji Gong is a Buddhist monk with a magic
fan who attained immortality and magical powers. He
used his powers to rescue people in need and heal the
diseased. Their is a story about him using his powers to
save a little girl from a boulder that was about to crush

Camrons Archetype
Character/Hero Archetype- The protagonist of a piece of folklore, the main
character who may fulfill a task or bring justice.
Situational/The journey archetype- The journey sends the hero in search of
information or a certain truth. The journey contains some type of adventure
and travel
Symbolic/Light vs. Darkness archetype- Light= good and innocence, Darkness=
ignorance and evil

Situational Archetype- The

Japan- Minamoto-No-Yorimitsu and four of his best men were
called to kill a monster who was terrorizing the town of Kyoto.
In order to get to the town Yorimitsu and his men had to take
a long journey through towns, mountains, and forests to track
down the monster.

Heaven vs. Hell

Izanagi paid his wife a visit in the Underworld, in the hopes of retrieving her. But she had partaken of food
cooked in the furnace of the Underworld, rendering her return impossible. Izanagi betrayed his promise
not to look at her, and lit up a fire, only to behold her in her monstrous and hellish state. To avenge her
shame, she dispatched the lightning Raijin and the horrible hag Yomotsu-shikome to chase after him.
Izanagi escaped, but the goddess declared to kill a thousand of his people every day. Izanagi retorted
that a thousand and five hundred will be born every dajy.