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Find a location then obtaining all the permits necessary to build a craft distillery.

Obtain City,
Country Use permits to build a distillery. Order your equipment. Apply for a DSP from TTB.
Finally obtain COLA and Label approval for products.
It will cost over $350,000 to open a distillery capable of producing 3,000 to 5,000 cases / year.
Income from your first year of production will come from distilling gin (or moonshine) and then
whiskey. (Gin take two days to produce from NGS. Malt whiskey should be aged from six
months to two years.).
The Build Out
Building Improvements
Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, General Construction
One year rent
TOTAL Build out Expenses

$2,500 x 12 $30,000

Brewing Equipment (New and Used) To Create Whiskey Wash

Boiler, Mash Tun, Two Fermentation Vessels


Distilling Equipment
(A simple pot still from Portugal or USA)
350 Gallon Wash Still
100 gallon Spirits Still
Pumps, Hoses and Filtration System
Hydrometers, Thermometers & Ebulliometer
Office furniture, computers, phones
(Legal Fees, Trademark etc.)
TOTAL Distilling Equipment


TOTAL Year One Cash Out


Cash in the bank for things not planned


You have your DSP. Distilling three days and marketing two days of the week
Gin re-distilled or blended from NGS 60% of production
Whiskey, from Malt 40% of production

Annual Output, (Year Two)

Gin 2,000 Cases
Whiskey 30 barrels 660 Cases
(In reserve (aging) 15 barrels, 330 cases of whiskey.)
Develop plan to sell whiskey futures to investors.
Total Production (cases) Year One of Production


Best case scenario with 100% sell through. The numbers or gross income before production
expenses, taxes. etc.
Retail Sales
Gin 2,000. Cases at $260 / Case


Neutral Grain Spirit Costs $330 for a 55 gal. drum.

One Gallon of 95% NGS produces over two gallons of 40% abv gin.
Total cost: $3/ bottle includes: product bottle carton and label
but not marketing and taxes.
The $3 Bottle of gin at retail is $21.67
Whiskey 330 Cases at $350 / Case


Total sales at Retail / Gin and Whiskey $636,500

Distillery gross income, 50% to wholesale, retailer


Excise Taxes


Net Sales [Income]

Direct costs of goods ($3/bottle in the case)
Gross Profit
Marketing Cost ($2/bottle)
Operational Profit


Fixed Costs
Rent, Utilities, Insurance and travel
*Income at the end of year